giovedì 29 settembre 2016

Watching the Sky Cry by J.B. Hartnett

Release Date: 09.24.2016


Ten years is a long time when you’re thirty-two. We’d seen our share of ups and downs, but I could honestly say, they were mostly up. That’s the thing about happiness though. It lulls you into a false sense of security.

Neither one of us ever thought we’d ever be touched by crippling loss or immeasurable grief. But not all stories have a happy ending, and I knew, better than anyone, that sometimes, one of you won’t make it till the end. One of you has to go first. And one of you will be left behind to pick up the pieces.

That one is me.

But starting over isn’t what I thought it would be. I need escape from the memories that plague me, remind me. So I went back to where it all began. To the town where I was born. To the place whose beauty could pierce my pain. Where I experienced my first kiss, where I fell in love, where a man was my earth. And I…

I was his sky.


I was lured into reading Watching the Sky Cry by the beautiful title and the intriguing blurb but when I finished this story I felt like it was missing something,maybe there were too many different plots to follow or maybe it was the disjointed telling.

Rylie and Quentin's complicated reunion broke my heart page after page,I could easily imagine how difficult it can be to find your way back into the life of your first love after twenty years.  Fortunately I felt relieved when I turned the last page.


You never had a girlfriend.” I whispered.

“No, Rylie. I didn’t.”

I pushed away from him, my mouth coating itself in preparation for what was to come, and ran toward the field behind his parents’ house. I threw up everything in my stomach, but I kept heaving with wracking sobs, unable to keep my shit together. If I’d listened….if I’d answered his letters…if I hadn’t met Nick…
His hands were in my hair, pulling it back, but it was no use. I was a mess in every way possible.
“This isn’t…” I hiccupped, “how I imagined this going.”
“Yeah?” he said softly. “How’d you imagine it?”
“We would have it out, and then we’d have angry sex, and then we’d fall in love and have babies and live happily ever after.”
See? Honesty.
“Oh Rylie,” he said with humor in his voice, not at all bothered when he wiped the edges of my disgusting mouth with his hand. “I’ll be pissing you off again…probably on purpose just so we can have that angry sex you just mentioned.”

martedì 27 settembre 2016

Falling Sweetly by Aidan Willows

Release Date: 09.19.2016



My life has been odd lately.
I’ve been looking for love.
I’m not sure what it’s supposed to look like, but I’ve been looking for it.
Date after date with awful losers has not left me with much hope.
Also, Jacob Jameson, the man I’ve had a stupid crush on, asked me to help him with his restaurant.
I foolishly said yes. 
Let the months of awkwardness commence.


The girl I like keeps avoiding me.
My restaurant has been sabotaged.
The reputation that I’ve worked so hard to achieve is in ruins. 
So overall, my life is not great right now.
I’m pretty sure Annika Abbott, object of my affections, is the key to reviving my business. 
I’m done patiently waiting for her to come around to the idea of us being together.
Now I just have to figure out how to make her fall for me…

Annika Abbott is socially awkward, shy, kind and looking for love. She’s not embarrassed to admit it. She is, however, rather embarrassed by the freak show parade her latest set of dates have been. Annika has often been told she’s too nice for her own good, which is probably how she’s ended up agreeing to work on Jacob’s restaurant with him, after stealthily avoiding her (supposedly) unrequited crush for months.

Jacob Jameson is pretty sure he’s met the girl of his dreams. The only problem is she keeps evading him. Casual stalking seemed to help his brother land his fiancé, however, Jacob is a busy guy and stalking is a hard thing to work into a daily schedule. It’s a good thing he’s efficient. Killing two birds with one stone seems like a solid plan; get Annika to help him create a winning menu at his restaurant and persuade her to give him a chance. 

Now, if only he knew how to go about winning the woman’s affections.


I've enjoyed this second installment as much as the first one.
Falling Sweetly was a really nice and easy read with so many cute and most of the time hilarious characters you'd like to read more about them.

Niki,our heroine, is a very shy woman and I can relate to most of her insecurities .Jake,our Hero,always succeeded to put a smile on my face. I loved how he pursued the woman he liked.

The story pace was perfect. It wasn't rushed and it was believable and compelling. 

I will wait not so patiently for Aidan Willow next book.

The Goal by Elle Kennedy

Release Date: 09.26.2016


She’s good at achieving her goals…

College senior Sabrina James has her whole future planned out: graduate from college, kick butt in law school, and land a high-paying job at a cutthroat firm. Her path to escaping her shameful past certainly doesn’t include a gorgeous hockey player who believes in love at first sight. One night of sizzling heat and surprising tenderness is all she’s willing to give John Tucker, but sometimes, one night is all it takes for your entire life to change.

But the game just got a whole lot more complicated

Tucker believes being a team player is as important as being the star. On the ice, he’s fine staying out of the spotlight, but when it comes to becoming a daddy at the age of twenty-two, he refuses to be a bench warmer. It doesn’t hurt that the soon-to-be mother of his child is beautiful, whip-smart, and keeps him on his toes. The problem is, Sabrina’s heart is locked up tight, and the fiery brunette is too stubborn to accept his help. If he wants a life with the woman of his dreams, he’ll have to convince her that some goals can only be made with an assist.


I really enjoyed this story,it was amazing and for me this was my favorite couple.

It's not a surprise that I loved Tucker but I didn't think I could love Sabrina so much I already miss them.

I don't know if we will have more stories in this series but if Elle Kennedy writes it I'll definitely read it,her stories are my favorite kind of "drug".

venerdì 23 settembre 2016

UNINTENTIONAL: International Edition by Michelle Irwin,Gaeille Vanderspek,Louisa Masters,Becca L'Amour, Megan Lowe, A.L. Simpson,Eva King,Ashlea Rhodes,Aria Peyton.

Release Date: 09.23.2016


YOU NEVER KNOW by Aria Peyton

When Miranda comes home engaged from a cruise, it doesn't take long for her bestie, Scott, to realise he feels something more for her. Will he get a chance to tell her or is he too late?


Letters of hope and love help Alex through his darkest days and bring him closer to Heather, and a friendship and love that could last a lifetime. 

TAKE A SHOT by Michelle Irwin

Holly thinks Logan is cute and sweet, much like a little brother. When the opportunity of a lifetime presents itself, will he take a shot to convince her he's no longer the kid she's looked out for since high school? 


Best friends turn to each other in good times and bad. Can Piper help Dalton through tragedy or has their friendship been shattered? 


When your best friend needs support, there's no hesitation in being there for her. It's also the perfect opportunity to let her know exactly how good things could be. 


When your one chance at love leaves you torn in two, only memories remain. Can Anastasia and Jason's friendship and new-found love be repaired to what it once was? 


Samantha turns to online dating to meet a man who'll make her heart beat faster, but it's her best friend —and friend with benefits—Levi who's there for her when dates go bad. Has her friendship with Levi become more than she thought? 

CLAIMED AND BRANDED by Gaeille Vanderspek

Heart sore from watching her best friend tangled up in endless scandals with no-good women, Vicki Edwards decides to move to New York and start over. But Jared is determined to make her stay, and he's not afraid to play dirty. 


Two old friends reunite under dramatic circumstances. Will the prison walls tear them apart or will they make their relationship stronger?


I didn't know any of the authors participating to this anthology but they were a pleasant surprise.

Some of these novels are really heartbreaking but I'm glad every single one has a HAE.

giovedì 22 settembre 2016

For The Love Of English by A.M. Hargrove

Release Date: 09.15.2016


Single dad, Beckley Bridges, is sexy as hell. 

No, really, he’s the hottest thing since the sun was created. 

Honest to God, crack an egg on him and the thing will sizzle. 

So what’s the problem?

He’s also a gigantic jerk. 

I hate the bastard. 

I try to avoid him at all costs. 

But for some reason, everywhere I go he seems to show up. 

Only the real issue is his daughter, English. 

She’s an adorable quirky first-grader who’s the sweetest thing since iced tea. 

And she’s one of my students but also the love of his life. 

So I have to deal with him on a professional level. 

It’s not easy. 

On a scale of easy to hard, dealing with Beckley Bridges is like nails screeching across a blackboard. 

But when English’s mother tries to gain custody after abandoning her on Beckley’s doorstep as an infant, he’ll do anything possible to keep English under his roof. 

That’s how he ends up propositioning me. 

And crazy as it sounds?

I find myself considering it. 

**This is a full-length novel that includes mature content not suitable younger readers.**


It's no secret I always enjoy a story with kids and single parents and For The Love Of English is not an exception.

This was my first A. M. Hargrove book and it won't be the only one I read. It grabbed me from the very beginning and I couldn’t put it down until the end.

Beck is a really hot and caring single dad,Sheridan is a sweet first grader teacher, their lives interwine thanks to our Hero's cute 6 years old daughter.

This was an addictive and heartwarming story. It made me smile,swoon,blush (thanks to those smokin' sexy scenes) and fall in love right away with the characters.

martedì 20 settembre 2016

Everything Unexpected by Caroline Nolan

Release Date: 09.20.2016


Can a man and woman be JUST friends?

Shane Carlisle and Leah Kessel think so. They’ve been the best of friends for years—and quite content being just that; it’s their friends who don’t believe it. None of them can understand how two gorgeous, non-committed adults have never thought about crossing that line. Until a night of celebration, too much tequila and new found curiosity makes it impossible for Shane and Leah not to think about it. So together, they cross it—promising themselves and each other that nothing will change and that yes, a man and woman can STILL remain just friends.

That is, until everything around them begins to spiral out of control.

Plans they had once formed, vanish. Promises they once made, are broken. And their once easy and effortless friendship turns into…the complete opposite. Coming face to face with the consequences of their actions, Shane and Leah are once again challenged by the same question.

Can a man and woman be just FRIENDS?

Not when everything unexpected is thrown their way.


This was such a sweet and enjoyable quick read,but at times also thought provoking.

Leah and Shane,our main characters,have a cute relationship and you cannot not to love them.
They have been friends for 5 years until one day everything unexpectedly change and they have to take some tough decisions and make some adjustments in order to make their friendship survive.

This was my first Caroline Nolan book even if I've already bought her debut novel,after I've appreciated her writing in this one I can't wait to start the other.

lunedì 19 settembre 2016

Stadium of Lights by Tia Lewis

Release Date: 09.19.2016


He can’t help claiming her. But can he love her? 

Max Anderson enjoys all the perks of being a star NFL quarterback―including the women. He has no intention of changing his carefree, hard-loving lifestyle … until a twist of fate reunites him with the girl he knew growing up. 

Abby Morrison has worked hard to become a physical therapist. She knows she needs to keep things profes-sional with Max -- but the truth is, she’s always loved him. Back then, she hid it. Now, it’s not so easy. 

As they rekindle their friendship, the heat between them is impossible to ignore. Soon it flares out of control, and the fallout threatens to ruin everything. 

Can they salvage a future together ... or will the consequences wreck their lives?


As soon I've finished Draw Play,Tia Lewis Debut Novel,I was curious to read more stories written by this author and fortunately Stadium of Lights was already completed.

This was a nice contemporary sport romance with some smokin' sexy times.

I liked how Abby has fought with tenacity to gain the respect of all her coworkers even showing her femininty in an almost completely manly environment.
She is a tough girl but she becomes her insecure self again in front of her childhood friend,also making some poor choices.
Max is his team star quarterback and a well known "player" out of the field but his encounter with Abby after 10 years will change his life forever.

I'm not too fond of the supporting characters,they are all a bunch of immature kids.
Even if I've liked the epilogue a lot I would have appreciated a longer ending.


The time came around nine o’clock when we’d all stuffed ourselves. Abby stood up from the table, a little wobbly. I swooped in, waiting for her to decide it was time to go.

“Come on. I’ll take you home,” I murmured, taking her by the elbow. She looked up at me.

“No,” she murmured.


“No. I don’t want you to take me home. Now will you move?”

“Wait. Slow down.”

“I want somebody else, Max. Now move.”


“Anybody. It doesn’t matter. Just not you.” She shook me off—thank God we’d both been whispering, or practically, because it didn’t seem like anybody else noticed. I followed her out the door to the restaurant’s entrance.

“You can’t drive in this condition,” I warned her.

“Then I’ll get a cab. You can leave now.” She glared at me, her cheeks flushed.


“You ruined it. You always ruin it.”

“How the hell did I ruin anything?”

She looked back into the restaurant, frowning. “I was having fun. People were talking to me, seeing me, liking me. And you had to take over like you always do.”

My car pulled up in front of us, and I took the keys from the valet. “Come on. I’ll drive you home, and we can talk about it on the way.” I practically threw her into the car before she could curse me out, then got in myself. Once I locked the doors from my side, she couldn’t open them.

“What the fuck Max!” She slapped the dashboard, then sank into her seat with a groan. “I was having fun. I was about to get laid, damn it!”

I bit my tongue until I calmed down. “By whom?”

“I don’t know! What did it matter? I was gonna get some for me, for once. And you won’t let me. I have to always be there for you, but you can never be there for me. You couldn’t just let me enjoy myself. No, you probably wanted to tell me all about your stupid fucking cheerleader girlfriend and ask me what you should do about her!” There was so much venom in her voice. She hated me.

I pulled over to the shoulder of the road. “What are you doing?” she asked. I unbuckled my belt without saying a word, then turned to her.

“You wanna know why I wanted to take you home?” I reached out, grabbing her by the shoulders. I pulled her to me before she could push me away and crushed my mouth against hers.

She only fought me for a split second before giving in. She sighed, relaxing, and I wrapped my arms around her. Her lips were so sweet, soft and yielding. When I slid my tongue between them, they opened to give me better access. I tasted the inside of her mouth, taking my time. This girl who had been my friend for so long, and she was right—I’d used her in a way. This girl who was always there for me without asking anything in return. This sexy, incredible girl.

The kiss deepened, with her tongue dancing alongside mine. She wrapped her arms around my neck, almost growling. Sounding hungry, desperate. I ran one of my hands over her body, listening to the way the breath caught in her throat. She whined a little, pressing against me, and when I made contact with her tits she moaned into my mouth.

By the time the kiss ended, we were both breathless. Her eyes were wide, stunned.

“That’s why,” I whispered, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

mercoledì 14 settembre 2016

The Blogger And The Hunk by Jane Matisse

Release Date: 09.03.2016


The Blogger

Penelope Luciano, a virginal wallflower who lives the life of a hermit, has always been overlooked. But everything changes when she trades her quiet night with a book for a rare night out with her friends.

The Hunk

Jack Goodman, a confident skirt chaser, has always been a womanizer. But everything changes when he meets clumsy Penelope, and their first kiss turns into a night of passion.

When Penelope sneaks out the morning after, neither one expects to see each other again until they are thrown together in unexpected circumstances.

When pride and self-doubt get in the way, it's up to both the blogger and the hunk to attain their equal footing and find the strength to chase what they really want.


The Blogger & The Hunk is an easy,light,funny,sexy and romantic read.

The physical attraction between Penelope,the introvert book lover, and Jake,the charming man,is over the top from the first encounter,even if there isn't any logic because they are so different from each other. 
They try to stay away from each other but the Fate has other plans for them.
Other than the two main characters I really liked the supporting cast too,they made the story even more funny and hilarious.

I feel like I have a lot in common with Penelope and I'm waiting someone like Jake who finally sees me.

This was Jane Matisse debut novel and I liked it so much I hope to read more stories written by this author soon.


Penelope groaned. They’d slept together again. Why did she insist on torturing herself? Although she was a teeny bit disappointed she couldn’t remember any of it.

Jack laughed at her and reached out to take her hand. “I’m just teasing. Nothing happened between us. You just snored. A lot. If getting a hangover doesn’t stop you from getting drunk again, then just keep in mind if you plan to go home with a guy, don’t drink yourself into a stupor beforehand. I thought a bear had sneaked into my apartment.” He laughed, chucking her chin and turning to the whistling kettle on the stove.

Penelope couldn’t stop the heat from taking over. She could just imagine the tomato color her face was sporting. “Does that mean you didn’t take me out of my clothes?” she managed to ask.

“I was surprised you were actually balanced enough to slide that little number off, especially with those fuck-me heels.” His eyes twinkled from above his mug of coffee.

Penelope wasn’t having any of it. “Ugh, stop. Just stop it. Be serious for once, please. No more of these double meanings and sexual innuendos. They’re getting a little annoying and the only thing I want to do right now is find my dress and get home.”

Jack just looked back at her, a serious expression on his face. “All right, truce. I’ll shut up for now. Deal?”

Unintentional: North-American Edition by Amy K. McClung,Vanessa Morse,Gabbi Grey,S. Hartley,Lindsay Detwiler,Randi Perrin,Gen Ryan & Dahlia Donovan

Release Date: 09.14.2016


THE TUES-DATE by Vanessa Morse

Through the years, Adam and Tara have grown to depend on each other and share a love deeper than either is willing to admit. Roommates, best friends, unmistakable soulmates... until one day, one date everything changes.

WHERE SHE BELONGS by Lindsay Detwiler

When Emeline Jackson's life plans crumble, her best friend Brent helps her rediscover herself in their hometown. She didn't come home to find love, but a lot can change in a summer.

JUST WHAT I NEED by Randi Perrin

It started out innocent enough, one friend lending a shoulder for the other to cry on. But when Brad wakes up next to Jules the following morning, it stirs an awakening in him, and he’ll go to great lengths to prove she’s everything he needs. 


When Caressa comes home from volunteering as a nurse in Africa, she knows she will reunite with her friend Michael. What she doesn't expect is just how much he missed her and how glad he is that she's finally home. 

PATIENCE by S. Hartley

Patience is more than just a song to Madison—it's what her rocker best friend has given her for years. Finally ready to be more than friends, will Cale have any left give? 


Zoey makes the ultimate request of her best friend Rex. Though she never imagined the impact it would have on their relationship. 


Hadley and Todd have always been there for each other, especially through their countless dead-end relationships. Will they both finally accept they are destined to be each other's always and forever? 

ALL LATHERED UP by Dahlia Donovan

Vi has known her best friend, Geoff, since childhood, though growing up meant being separated by distance and decisions. Neither realizes the impact exchanging postcards will have on their growing feelings. Could it be love?


I love anthologies because they give you the chance to know some new authors and have a sample of their writing,or they let you to fall even more in love with the authors you already know.

Unintentional is an anthology of eight Friends to Lovers novellas,some more spicy than others but all equally nice and sweet. 

I've really appreciated the Hot Rating Warning at the beginning of every story.

lunedì 12 settembre 2016

Tracing Holland by Alyson Santos

Release Date: 09.12.2016


Second chances are hard enough when you deserve them. Then there are the ones you don’t.

Callie asked if I was ready. And that’s the question, isn’t it? Ready for what? The spotlight? The music? Or ready for life. Ready to face the reality that what I was is going to attack the very fabric of who I am now. No one knows I’m a different person. Well, no one except the two most important people in my life, which is why there’s a remote chance I might actually pull off the comeback I never saw coming.

Then again, that was before Holland Drake crashed into my life. I didn’t ask for her. Heaven knows she didn’t ask for me. But sometimes it’s not about what makes sense; it’s about accepting that not everything will. It’s learning you have a choice when it feels like you don’t. It’s believing even the worst past can still have a future.

And sometimes it’s none of that. Sometimes it’s survival. A blind fight through the pain as you cling to any shred of hope you can find. And it’s those moments, those desperate pleas into the darkness for a flicker of light, when you have no choice but to confront the blessing that often feels like a curse:

You’re still alive. You’re still significant.

You’re once again Luke Craven, frontman for Night Shifts Black.

*Book 2 of the NSB Series.*


I loved this story as much as the first one.

Tracing Holland follows Luke's tormented journey toward serenity and happiness.

I was so glad to be finally able to read Luke's mind and to totally understand his actions.

Alyson Santos writing is so engaging you can't put down her books,that are not short, until you turn the last page.

I can't wait to find out what the author has in store for us in her next book...I'm curious to know more about the other bands members.

P.S. I'd be really happy to read a novella for a certain wedding...