Free Falling by G.L. Chapple

Release Date: 11.29.2016


Love shouldn’t hurt. 
Love should make your heart soar - not break it apart 
Love should make you feel safe - not broken and vulnerable. 
I don’t want to feel like this anymore. 

Anger shouldn't be all-consuming. 
Anger at her for leaving me 
Anger at her for showing for me that life could be more - and making me crave it. 
I don’t want to feel like this anymore. 

Two damaged people, free-falling through life. 
Two friends. Two choices. Two questions. 
If you’re unable to save yourself, can you really help anyone else? 
Can happy-ever-afters exist if you no longer believe in fairy tales? 
**This is a spin-off from the Fighting Free Series. This is a standalone and can be read independently of the first two.**


Free Falling is my favorite story written by G.L. Chapple until now.
The writing is clear and so realistic that I felt like I was trapped into the characters' minds and lives.

We have met Marcus and Maddie in the previous books of the Fighting Free series and while I was curious to read Marcus' story I didn't imagine that Maddie would have become my favorite heroine,her character really touched me and unfortunately I can relate to her "love" relationship.

If you want to read a moving story with some funny moments this is the right book for you.It isn't indispensable to read the previous books in the series but I recommend them to you so it will be easier to place the characters you meet in these pages.


Friends told me how sorry they were – but it wasn’t their fault. 

They told me I needed to move on - as if it were that fucking easy, and I could just pick up and carry on. 

They apologised for my loss – as if I’d misplaced an item of value, instead of the person that had helped hold me together, all the broken, messed-up pieces of me…

It devalued her and everything that we had, and I hated that they could make such stupid, thoughtless and ridiculous statements. 

I knew they cared and I knew they were concerned, but it took all my willpower not to punch them and tell them to fuck off and leave me alone. 

I couldn’t give them what they wanted from me. I didn’t want to talk. I didn’t want to feel…


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