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Roman's Having Sex Again by Nikki Ashton

Release Date: 02.28.2016


Summer James has suffered a devastating change to her life, one that could shape her future and to make matters worse she now has a new boss. Not such a major problem, some would think, but that boss is Roman Hepburn. He's rude, grouchy and impatient and has a damn fine ass!

Very quickly her feelings for the dark, brooding, Roman change and it soon becomes evident that some highly charged sexual tension has been bubbling under the surface, and Roman makes it clear that he intends to make Summer his.

Will Roman succeed in getting the girl, and if he does will he succeed in keeping the girl? Or will circumstances and Roman's hilariously strange, but loveable family, send Summer tottering to the hills on her six inch heels?

This is a sexy, fun romance with some laugh out loud moments. Full of quirky characters, broody men and feisty women you won't be disappointed.


Roman's Having Sex Again is a funny romance with a hint of emotions and some industrial espionage.

This was the first Nikki Ashton's work I've read and I've really liked it.
The plot was developped in such a good way it kept my interest throughout the whole book,the characters are likable, relatable, flawed and unique and their interactions made the reading an enjoyable experience.

I didn't like Roman,our hero,at the beginning because he was too bossy with Summer,his employee,but he redeemed himself page after page and he conquered not only our heroine's heart but mine too.

Never The Bride by Charlotte Fallowfield

Release Date: 02.28.2017


Abbie Carter felt doomed as she clutched her bouquet and started walking up the aisle. Again. She felt like she was stuck in some kind of Groundhog Day wedding nightmare. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Eight dresses, most of them hideous, were already stuffed in her attic space. She had more bridesmaid dresses than relationships. Was she really that unlucky in love? She despaired of ever finding her soul mate and was convinced that if she packed away dress thirteen in her attic, she’d never get to wear the coveted white one and have her happy ever after.

That was until she locked eyes with one of the handsome ushers, whose wink turned her elegant and well-practiced glide up the aisle into a flailing Bambi-on-ice spectacle. Miller Davis was the first man in forever to make her heart skip a beat, as well as her legs turn to jelly. And, for once, her interest in a man didn’t seem to be one-sided. It was just a shame that the Atlantic Ocean separated them. Abbie couldn’t even make a relationship with her elderly fat pooch, Sumo, work, so what chance did she have with a permanent New Yorker? Her best friend, Georgie, told her to ignore the miles that separated her from Miller and to go for it, saying that true love knew no bounds.

Was Abbie fated to always be the bridesmaid, or would her wish for the perfect day with the man of her dreams ever come true? 


Never The Bride was a very good read,at times I was laughing so much I couldn't keep reading and in the next chapter my eyes were so wet from crying I couldn't see the words aymore...but in the end my heart was so full of joy for our main characters I'm still smiling a day after I have finished it.

Abbie and Miller's lives are really different,a british country girl the first and a new yorker the latter, but their chemistry is undeniable from their first unforgettable encounter.I've enjoyed to follow their journey through the ups and downs of their relationship in order to reach their happiness.

Charlotte Falowfield merged hilarious events,sweet gestures and some emotional moments with an outstanding outcome,this is definitely a story I recommend.

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Who We Were by Lindsay Detwiler

Release Date: 02.25.2017


“I guess that’s the thing about high school reunions, though. They make you snap a little.”

In the ten years since high school graduation, Maylee’s career, living arrangements, family, and especially her love life are at a standstill. When her twin brother, Mitch, falls for her high school enemy at their ten-year reunion, Maylee’s life is catapulted into chaos.

Maylee’s hatred for the blonde-haired Josephine isn’t the only thing she discovers at her reunion. Benson Drake, the introvert from high school, has matured into a sexy intellect. Now a writer and bartender, Benson’s grown into a man with a perfect balance of quirky wit and sex appeal. After a wardrobe malfunction, a spy mission gone wrong, and a dangerous cup of coffee, Maylee and Benson explore something they never even thought about during senior year. Along the way, they find out that reconnecting with the past can change you… or maybe just help you find your true self.


I've read this novel in one sitting because it was such a nice and cute story with a lot of laughing out loud moments and some emotional ones.

Maylee,our heroine,didn't have had the best High School experience so when she decided to go to her 10 years graduation reunion she is out for revenge...but fate has other plans for her and nothing goes as she expected.

I've loved Maylee because she is witty and nerd and I cheered for her throughout the whole book but my favorite character is Benson a quiet,charming and lovely writer and bartender.

It's always a pleasure to read Lindsay Detwiler works,her writing is always so good it catch your attention since the first page.


I guess that’s the thing about high school reunions, though. They make you snap a little. At least I can admit to it. This has to be the first step to admitting psychosis, right?

Mitch thinks I’ve taken it too far. Shauni, of course, thinks I’m doing the right thing.

“Show those snotty jerks just what you’ve become,” she told me yesterday. “Especially the blonde. Show her you’ve won.”

I’d smiled, munching on my lunch of celery and carrot sticks in my attempt to shed a few more ounces of water weight. Nevertheless, the whole time I was asking myself a very hard question: Have I really won? If I’m going to so much trouble to fool my classmates into thinking I’ve done so well for myself, aren’t there deeper problems than booblessness and a flabby waistline?

Maybe the problem isn’t my body type, my hair, or any of it. Maybe it’s because at twenty-eight, I thought life would be a little different, a little bit more… grown-up.

Looking in the mirror, however, I know I can’t pretend to be all introspective and mature about it. Even though I know it’s ridiculous, there’s a part of me deep down that does want to show her I’ve done okay for myself, no matter what. I want the girl who tortured me in high school, who convinced me I was a mousey nerd, to realize I blossomed.

Even if it is a bit of a lie. Or a lot of a lie.

“Let’s go,” Mitch yells from the living room. I sigh.

No more introspection. It’s go time.

It’s time to face my past.

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Park Avenue Prince by Louise Bay

Release Date: 02.13.2017



I’ve made every one of my billions of dollars myself—I’m calculating, astute and the best at what I do. It takes drive and dedication to build what I have. And it leaves no time for love or girlfriends or relationships.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not a monk.

I understand the attention and focus it takes to seduce a beautiful woman. They’re the same skills I use to close business deals. But one night is where it begins and ends. I’m not the guy who sends flowers. I’m not the guy who calls the next day.

Or so I thought before an impatient, smart-talking, beyond beautiful heiress bursts into my world.

When Grace Astor rolls her eyes at me—I want to hold her against me and show her what she’s been missing.

When she makes a joke at my expense—I want to silence her sassy mouth with my tongue.

And when she leaves straight after we f*ck with barely a goodbye—it makes me want to pin her down and remind her of the three orgasms she just had.

She might be a princess but I’m going to show her who rules in this Park Avenue bedroom.


Park Avenue Prince was a very good read...from cover to cover (the front cover is so yummy).

I loved all the art talking.It seems like I was at an art gallery,I could easily see the paintings the characters talk about in front of my eyes.

The pace of the story was perfect for me,it wasn't rushed and it wasn't dragged.I've liked to see how the main characters grow page after page as a single person and as a couple.

Sam and Grace's past experiences couldn't be more far from each other,they seek self accomplishment for different reasons,fortunately their worlds collide at the right time.
I've enjoyed to read their journey to overcome their fears and to take a chance to have a bright future together.
They will steal your heart and you cannot refrain yourself from cheering for them.

It was so nice to have a little glimpse in Max and Harper's life from The King Of Wall Street,if you didn't have read it yet go get it as soon as possible you won't regret it!

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Someday by Liz Lovelock

Release Date: 02.08.2017


There’s always a new beginning whispering your name. You just have to have the courage to hear it.

In the space of a few short hours, Chloe’s world does a complete three-sixty. She loses her job thanks to her douchebag ex-boyfriend. Only to come home and catch her current boyfriend and best friend in a compromising position. 

When she thinks things couldn’t get any worse; she learns the man she calls her father may not be her actual dad thanks to her lying, cheating mother. How is Chloe supposed to forgive a parent who’s deceived her, her entire life?

With her bags packed, and the hope of rediscovering the happiness she once enjoyed, she heads to a place where not even she knows is waiting for her—Canyon Bay.

Can the people Chloe meets there open her eyes and heart to the someday she’s been waiting for?


When I finished this book I was a mess,my emotions were all over the place.

Someday will make you smile and cry,it will break your heart more than once then it will mend it back together again,it will give you Hope and closure.
Liz Lovelock words inspired me and I'll definitely look at life in a different way.

Chloe and Seth journey is not easy.They both have to learn how to trust each other and to overcome the sadness their past brought to their lives in order to be happy.

I loved the scenery.Canyon Bay is so beautifully and perfectly portrayed by the author that is definitely I place I'd like to visit.

I'll patiently wait for the next book in the series because I'm so curious to know more about the other character I met in this novel.


“Are you stalking me? Why didn’t you simply call, instead of scaring the ever-loving hell out of me?” I ask, once I compose and adjust myself in my seat. My pulse races with excitement as well as fright.

He erupts with laughter. “No, although I’m sure that’s what it looks like. It’s not a bad idea.” He wiggles his eyebrows at me. My body decides to respond with flutters trailing up and down my spine.

“You do realize I could get you arrested?” I raise my eyebrows with a cheeky smile on my face. My flirtatiousness pokes its head out of the corner I’d stashed it in.

“Oh, I’d love to see you try, my little damsel in distress,” he tuts, clicking his tongue.

“I can be very persuasive,” I say seductively, pouting my lips.

“Oh really?” he says briefly. “I’ll have to wait and see about that.”

My eyes drop to my hands to hide the shy smile playing on my lips.

“I have a tendency to catch you by surprise,” he says as if he’s super proud of his efforts.

“Yeah, you tend to do that.”

“It’s rather fun.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Sarcasm drips from my words.

He stands at the bottom of the porch steps. He is a great-looking man. He’s still in his work clothes and a tad greasy. Damn! Those arms are toned, and I can easily imagine myself wrapped in them.
Snap out of it! I cuss myself.

“I actually wanted to see if you were busy tonight.”

Umm . . . what?
Finally, after a moment, I respond. “Yeah, sorry. I’ve got plans to go visit Sherri. She invited me over when I saw her yesterday.”

“Yeah, that sounds like her.” He grins knowingly. “Would you like some company? I can pick you up and take you so you don’t get lost or . . . bust another tyre.”

His playful response makes me immediately want to say yes. A battle begins waging within me. Men equal trouble and betrayal, I remind myself. “No, I’ll be okay. Thanks though.”

He nods, seeming to accept my answer. “So, what’s Chloe done now?” he repeats.

“Oh, that’s not important.” I wave my hand.

“Oh, come on, I’m a good listener.” Without an invitation, he leaps up the stairs and sits in the empty chair beside me. Our arms are centimetres from each other. My body becomes alive, and I’m fully aware of his proximity.

“I don’t even know you . . . Why would I tell you?”

His blue eyes gaze at me. I wonder what he’s thinking “Well how about I prove to you I’m someone you can rely on?” I wasn’t expecting this question.

“Pfft . . .” I expel a breath of air between my taut lips. “Wait, what? Me trusting you might be harder work than you realise.”

He doesn’t respond; instead, he looks out over the ocean. The silence is only broken by the sounds of the sea and seagulls. I watch the water slide along the sand with each new wave, smoothing out every imprint, making it flat once again. If only things in our lives could be washed away as easily as the sea made it look.

“I’m more than ready to prove myself.”

Goosebumps prickle over my skin. I shift my body to look directly at him. “Why?”

He simply shrugs, not shifting his eyes from mine. “Because I can, and I think everyone should have a friend.” His grin is infectious, making my stomach clench.

“Well good luck to you then, dear sir.”

He stands from his seat, taking my hand once again and placing another light kiss upon the back of it. “And to you, fair lady. Please try not to fall too hard for me. It might hurt.” He seems so sure of himself.

“Me? Fall hard? I think you’re the one that better not fall. This,” my free hand gestures to my body, “is hard to resist.”

His eyes ogle me. Quickly clearing his throat, he releases my hand. “Umm yeah . . .” Another clearing of his throat. “Yeah, you got me there. I’ll do my best.”

“Game, set, and match, my dear sir.”

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Plus One by Mae Wood

Release Date: 02.06.2017


1 part tatted-up single dad restaurateur 
1 part effervescent younger wine rep 
Spice generously with sexual tension 
Combine at a foodie conference 
Serve steaming hot 

At not-quite forty and with his son in his last year of high school, Bert's going to be dining alone. 

His restaurant's wine rep has a few ideas on how he might sate all of his appetites. 

He hasn't been buying what she's been selling, but she’s only in Memphis for a few months before moving back home to California…and he is only mortal. 

Besides, it's not like he's going to fall in love for the first time in his life or anything crazy like that, right? 


Plus One is the story of a sexy and tatted DILF and a witty wine girl.

I've really enjoyed reading this third installment of the Pig & Barley series even if it wasn't at al what I expected from the blurb.It is funny and hot as the previous ones but also a lot more sweet.

I liked the main characters so much I cheered for their happiness from page 1.
It was about time that our Hero,Bert,started to live his life for himself.Fortunately he met the woman who will take him on more than one adventure making him try every day something new. 

I'm already excited to read whatever Mae Wood will give us in the future.

sabato 4 febbraio 2017

Borrowing Trouble by Mae Wood

Release Date: 08.18.2015


Juggling a new boyfriend who is constantly MIA for work, his mom who likes her just a little too much, a best friend whose husband might be sneaking around, and a busy career saving clients from sexual harassment lawsuits is pulling Marisa Tanner apart at the seams. 

Being with Trip is good, but is it real? Will he bail on her like her past boyfriends or for once in his life will Trip be able to maintain focus longer than the time it takes to close a business deal? 

**A follow-up to Risking RuinBorrowing Trouble maintains Mae Wood’s distinctive style of smart and sexy chick lit.**


In Borrowing Trouble we find Marisa and Trip exactly where we left them at the end of the first book in the series.

Our heroine has some problems to keep our Hero in check,he is always so driven it isn't easy to keep up with him and his ideas but he is swoon worthy and lovable and f*ckable she can't never resist himand his charm.

I've really appreciated the chance to read more about these characters journey.
It was a funny,lighthearted story with a lot of family love and emotions.

I've enjoyed it so much I can't wait to read what's coming next.

venerdì 3 febbraio 2017

Risking Ruin by Mae Wood

Release Date: 11.15.2014


Marisa Tanner's most important client, multi-billion dollar family-owned Brannon Company, has been sued by nine of its employees for sexual harassment. Marisa is a pro at handling sexual harassment allegations, but will she be able to handle the CEO's prodigal son as well as she can handle the lawsuits? 

Clients are off-limits and Marisa could lose her law license and livelihood, but Memphis playboy Trip keeps making strong plays for her. 

Their attraction is undeniable and chemistry electric. Can she have her career and Trip, too, or will she have to choose? 


Risking Ruin was a fun and easy read.

After reading the blurb I thought I was in for a nice chick lit with some hot sex scenes but I had to change my mind because the plot was so much more intricate than that.

I've really enjoyed this story full of smart and funny characters.
Marisa and Trip's relationship is really intriguing,their banters are so funny you cannot not get attached to them and cheer for their happy ending.

Thanks to the author's descriptive skills the reader can easily picture the characters and the places.
I'd like to go to Memphis and try every single restaurants mentioned in this book...Pig & Barley would be my first stop.

I'm off reading the second novel in the series.

mercoledì 1 febbraio 2017

Lost In Scotland by Hilaria Alexander

Release Date: 01.02.2017


Just when you think you're lost, you might end up falling in love. 

Sam Farouk is having a bad year. Things have gone down the drain ever since she found her boyfriend cheating on her at the Golden Globes. An unfortunate turn of events forces her to trade sunny Los Angeles with the rainy, chilly highlands of Scotland. She has the chance to work as one of the makeup artists on a new TV series based on a fantasy saga everyone is bananas about, but she can’t help feeling lost and a little bit homesick. Until she starts falling for Hugh MacLeod, the actor set to impersonate the titular role of Abarath, dragon slayer and part-time Casanova.
Hugh MacLeod is ready for his big break. After more than a decade taking every possible acting job just to stay afloat, he can finally show his range in a series to be proud of. Hugh’s commitment to his career comes before anything else, and that’s part of the reason why he hasn’t had a serious relationship in a while. But the more he’s around Sam, the more he knows he’s in deep, deep trouble. How is he supposed to not fall for the sexy, mysterious brunette who works all over him every single day? Every touch, every look is torture.

Getting lost in each other might be wrong, but it could end up being just what they need.


This was a lovely,easy read.
I went into it completely blind,I didn't know what to expect but I've really enjoyed this book.

The story has a great flow and Hilaria's writing always so vivid and thorough made me fall in love with the wonderful scottish landscape.

The main characters and their families and friends are really entertaining.They will make you smile,laugh,lust and some of them will piss you off.
Hugh and Sam's journey starts as a work relationships then evolves into a refreshing friendship but their chemistry is always lingering from their first encounter til the end.

I think I'm one of the few people that haven't watched Outlander but after I've read Lost in Scotland I can't stay away from scottish men anymore.



“It's so beautiful, Mom.” I pointed the camera of my phone to the scenery in front of me. 

“I can see that. It's just as stunning as you see on TV. So green.”

“It's almost too much to take in all at once.” 

Scotland was intimidating in a mysterious kind of way. California was what I had known all my life, and I’d barely even spent any time around the United States. Save a few times in London with my father and my siblings to visit my grandparents, I hadn’t been anywhere else in the world. Scotland was as foreign and new as it could get, but now, it was going to be my home for the next eight months. I switched the camera back to me.

“Have you met any of your coworkers?”

“Not yet, just one of Mira’s friends, Lainey. She picked me up at the airport and took me to my place. I have a roommate, but I haven't met her yet. Some of the crew was out bonding last night. I missed it.”

“Oh, well. You’ll have time to get to know them. You’re lucky you got this gig at the last minute.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Samhain, everything will be fine. You’re a talented makeup artist. You know you got this job because of your extensive resume and not just because of a phone call.”

If you say so, I wanted to tell her, but I just nodded. I hoped my mother couldn't tell how scared I was. I knew I was overreacting—I was twenty-nine-years-old, for crying out loud. I was acting like a kid leaving for college, but this actually was my first time away from home, away from my family, my friends…my sister, my brother. I was going to miss them so much.

“Maybe I’ll come visit you,” my mother said. “I heard the male lead on this production is quite the hunk,” she joked. I saw her wink through the screen, and just like that, she brought the smile back to my face and washed away my fears. I laughed and rolled my eyes. 


“What? I might be old, but I’m not dead. I can appreciate a handsome man when I see one.” She shrugged. “Who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone cute.”

“I don’t think so. My goal is to lay low for a while. Love only leads to drama.” I knew that all too well. 

“Oh, honey…I’m not talking about love—”

Oh, Jesus. 

“Mom, come on.”

“No, Sam, let me say what I have to say. Sweetheart, you’re still young. Have your fun while you can. You know that’s why I never liked the fact that you and Eric got so hot and heavy when you were just twenty-two. You spent your best years with a man who didn’t deserve you.”

I nodded and pressed my lips into a tight smile. She was right, of course—as was everyone else with their I-told-you-so’s. I was the fool who had loved him blindly for too long, getting nothing in return. I had gotten my revenge on the cheating bastard, but it had kind of backfired in a way I hadn’t expected. Now, for the next eight months, I would have to call Scotland my home. 

I heard footsteps coming from behind me, and I turned around.

The hill I had attempted to climb was deserted. I was alone. In that moment, it dawned on me that maybe this hadn't been the smartest decision. I shouldn't have ventured out by myself; I was in a foreign country, and I didn’t know anyone.

But the scenery had been so inviting. 

I barely detected my mother saying, “What is it, honey?” I was too focused on the noise. A moment later, a tall guy in a baseball cap and athletic gear reached the small, flat spot where I had been chatting with my mom. He was wearing a windbreaker and shorts.

Shorts! I was huddled in a knee-length puffer jacket, and just the sight of him in shorts made me shiver. He lifted his head and the sight of his ice-blue eyes made me shiver again. He looked at me for just a second, nodding his head in my direction.

“Hello,” he said in a deep, uber-manly voice, one of those that could make you swoon even saying the most boring and generic stuff. He had me at hello. 

“Hi,” I replied, frozen.

His eyes shifted to the phone in my hand. My mother kept calling my name from her office in Los Angeles. The stranger stared at me for another second, and then he gave an imperceptible shake of his head. The corner of his lips curled into a smile.

Ugh. Fucking embarrassing. I had been caught FaceTiming with my mom. This would be a really good time to lose reception, but noooo. My mother kept calling out to me, but I was sort of frozen on the spot, staring at the handsome stranger.

Yes, handsome. I stared at him all of five seconds, but that was enough to see his face—and what a face it was. He had the most perfect features: straight nose, strong jaw, high cheekbones. His eyes were sharp blue and gorgeous, and with just one look, they were melting my insides. 

“Samhain! Are you okay, honey? What's wrong?”

“Mom, hang on a sec,” I said, completely distracted by the vision in front of me.

He quickly walked past me and kept climbing up the steep slope, making it look so effortless.

“What is it, honey?” my mother asked again.

“Nothing, Mom. Just some mountain climber,” I said in a lower tone, raising my eyebrows, hoping the stranger wouldn’t hear me. He kept moving just as steadily as he had a moment before. He had to be a pro—he moved way too quickly to be a regular person. I was a fan of hikes, but my expertise was limited to canyons in the valley. This California girl was no match for real mountains like the peaks of Scotland. I had been out of breath in minutes. It must have been the altitude or perhaps the fact that my body was not made for strenuous exercise, no matter how hard I tried. I might not have had a lot of time to look at the stranger, but since I got to stare at his back for a little bit, I knew the rest of his body was as good-looking as his face. He had broad shoulders and muscular, lean legs—no wonder he made it look so damn easy, effortless even. His thin shorts revealed the curve of his ass and that alone was…spectacular.

I sighed. It had been too long, what felt like forever since I’d lusted after a guy. I guess I wasn't broken after all. Good to know. If I had more stamina and no shame, I would have followed him up the mountain. I would have committed to following that ass anywhere.

“Mom, I have to go. I need to get back to the townhouses. Maybe I can catch my roommate before my orientation.”

“All right, honey. Text me, okay?”