Unrequited Alice by Sarah Louise Smith

Release Date: 03.16.2017


"I stared at my suitcase, contemplating the following three facts:
1.After months of planning, it was finally time for Hannah’s hen weekend.
2.In just one more month, she’d be getting married to Ed.
3.I really had to fall out of love with Ed before the wedding."

A bridesmaid really shouldn’t be in love with the groom...but Alice just can’t help herself. Ed is her perfect man, and she can’t get him out of her head.

Until she meets Toby – who offers to help her move on. But what if he’s just setting her up for an even bigger fall? 


This story was so nice but at times a little hard to read because our heroine's life is not too joyful.

Alice is a character that grew on me page after page,she is not too lucky,she fell in love with her friend's fiancèe and she can't try to win him over.I've appreciated her moral integrity to not act on her feelings and to endure every moment shared with them putting a smile on her face.
At the end of the book I cheered for her and supported her choices like she was one of my real friends because she deserves to be happy.

This was the first time I've read a book written by Sarah Louise Smith but it won't be the last,I already have another of her books ready on my reader.


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