venerdì 28 dicembre 2018

At the Heart of Christmas by Jill Monroe

Release Date: 11.06.2018


Hiring him could be her best idea. 
Or her worst mistake.

Quinn has inherited the farm and workshop that once housed the famous Hardwick Ornament Company. She invests everything in reopening her family’s business and hires glass artist Nolan Vesser, whose family used to design ornaments for hers, to work his creative magic.
After an accident burned Nolan’s studio to the ground, he thought he’d lost everything. But when he looked in his safety deposit box for his renter’s insurance, he came across an overlooked piece of paper that changed everything.
As Nolan spends time with Quinn, she sparks his artistic inspiration. But when she learns about his secret, can their new romance survive?

This was a festive,cozy,lovely and sweet read.
It was perfect for a Christmas novel enthusiast like me.

What do a californian glass blower and a small town dreamer have in common? Their great great grandfathers work and joy the Hardwick Ornamental Company. 
Quinn hires Nolan to help her with the creative and artistic part for the re-opening her family's ornaments company.
The attraction between them is immediately evident,from the first encounter, but Nolan's secret keeps him detached even if it isn't easy to resist to the lively Quinn and her family members.

I've really enjoyed Jill Monroe's writing,the characters are so well described you feel you've known them forever and you're invested in their happily ever after.

sabato 15 dicembre 2018

Christmas and Cannolis by Peggy Jaeger

Release Date:12.12.2018


With Christmas season in full swing, baker Regina San Valentino is up to her elbows in cake batter and cookie dough. Between running her own business, filling her bursting holiday order book, and managing her crazy Italian family, she's got no time to relax, no room for more custom cake orders, and no desire to find love. A failed marriage and a personal tragedy have convinced her she's better off alone. Then a handsome stranger enters her bakery begging for help. Regina can't find it in her heart to refuse him.

Connor Gilhooly is in a bind. He needs a specialty cake for an upcoming fundraiser and puts himself—and his company's reputation—in Regina's capable hands. What he doesn't plan on is falling for a woman with heartbreak in her eyes or dealing with a wise-guy father and a disapproving family.

Can Regina lay her past to rest and trust the man who's awoken her heart?


I've throughly enjoyed this read.
Christmas and Cannolis is a funny,sweet and cozy novel,Peggy Jaeger words will warm up your heart just before Christmas but they will also make you shed a few tears so be prepared and keep some tissues at hand.

I still believe at love at first sight so I adored Regina and Connor journey,the attraction and chemestry between them is immediately tangible but they also show each other their hearts and love.
The reader cannot not to wish them to find some happiness and be together for ever.

I'm an italian woman living in Italy and the San Valentino family was a bit much for me at the beginning but then page after page I've started to understand and also appreciate their exuberant, lively and protective behaviors.

lunedì 10 dicembre 2018

A Timeless Christmas by Alexis Stanton

Release Date: 10.23.2018


They’re from two different centuries, 
but they’re perfect for each other. 

Megan Turner is in love with the past. As a tour guide at a beautiful historic mansion, she tells visitors about its original owner, Charles Whitley. An inventor and businessman in the early 1900s, he rose from poverty to wealth…only to disappear without a trace.
Charles was always intrigued by the future. He just never expected to go there. But when he repairs a mysterious clock he bought on his travels, he’s transported to the twenty-first century, with his home decorated for Christmas and overrun by strangers.
Charles is determined to find a way back to his own era, especially when he learns about what happened after he left. But as Megan introduces him to the wonders of smartphones, pizza, and modern holiday traditions, they both feel a once-in-a-lifetime connection. Could it be that, somewhere in time, they belong together?

A Timeless Christmas is a beautiful,fabulous and interesting story that put me in a good Christmassy mood.

I found the plot really fascinating and intriguing.
I loved how Megan and Charles are so passionate and driven. Even if the first appreciates the past and its history and the latter always looks at the future their lives crash and cross and their relationship could only be descibed as magical.

It was the first time I've read an Alexis Stanton book but it definitely won't be the last.
I really liked her characters,they were perfectly portrayed and I grew attached to them from the start.I enjoyed her words so much I've finished this book so quickly I thought it was too short.

The Christmas Spirit by Susan Buchanan

Release Date: 11.27.2013


Christmas is coming, but not everyone is looking forward to it. 

Rebecca has just been dumped and the prospect of spending the holiday period with her parents is less than appealing.

Eighty- two year old Stanley lost his beloved wife, Edie, to cancer. How will he cope with his first Christmas without her? 

Jacob’s university degree hasn’t helped him get a job, and it looks like he’ll still be signing on come New Year.

Workaholic Meredith would rather spend December 25th at home alone with a ready meal and a DVD box set. Can anything make her embrace the spirit of the season?

The enigmatic Natalie Hope takes over the reins at the Sugar and Spice bakery and café in an attempt to spread some festive cheer and restore Christmas spirit, but will she succeed?


This was my first Christmas read of the year and I really enjoyed it.

The Christmas Spirit gave me a lot of hope,it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
At the beginning of the story all the characters aren't happy for different reasons but they will cross paths at the bakery and there with a little help from an "angel" on earth they will find the happiness they deserve espeially during the holidays.

I won't tell another word about the story to not spoil it to anyone but I recommend to read this novella as soon as possible especially if you aren't in a good place in your lifr and you need a little magic.

giovedì 6 dicembre 2018

Enchanted By You by Hilaria Alexander

Release Date: 12.06.2018


I had no idea that my seven-year marriage would implode during our long awaited and needed vacation to Albuquerque—the city that will change your perspective. Unfortunately, our attempt at fixing everything wrong in our relationship backfired, big time. 

My husband left me alone in Albuquerque, with no friends, no family . . . and no idea what my future holds or if I’ll ever find happiness again.

As I begin to move on, I can't help but notice the man who was there for me during my darkest hour.
Esteban Garcia is the dashing hero you want on your side, even though I'm no damsel in distress.
With his dazzling smile, bright green eyes and golden skin, he's a brand of gorgeous I'm not used to, and mysterious enough to drive me crazy with thoughts of him.

I wouldn't be surprised to find out I've somehow been enchanted by him . . . or maybe he was my fate all along.


Enchanted by You was such a nice and sweet read.
Ines and Esteban journey is worth your time you won't regret to get to know this fabolous fated couple.

Ines,our main character,feels belittled and trapped in an unsatisfying marriage by her husband behaviour.During their vacation in New Mexico our heroine understand that love should always be easy and powerful and it should enrich every lover's life and heart.She finally tries to explain her thoughts to her husband in order to be happy but things got quickly ugly in a very busy restaurant fortunately there is a man ready to protect and understand her.
Esteban is a very charming and hot man who will definitely melt your hearts.

Hilaria Alexander wrting was so good and captivating it was really easy to fall in love with this story.The setting where it took place was so well depicted and realistic that I now want to add the Albuquerque city to the list of the places I want to see.


"By the way, how are you settling in? Still in love with the apartment?” he teases, arching one eyebrow, his voice loaded with humor.

I make a face. “What exactly are you hinting at?” I ask, and he lets out a laugh, his eyes bright with amusement. He puts his hands in his pockets, and relaxes, slouching his shoulders a little. “Is this your way of asking me if I’ve experienced any paranormal activity?” The sound of his laughter stirs something in my chest, a happy feeling I haven’t felt in so long. I don’t miss the looks I’m getting from the women he was talking to. Also, I just can’t miss the opportunity to tease him in return.

“Oh, yeah. I haven’t had a chance to tell you. There’s a ghost who visits me every night. I haven't been getting much sleep but all in all…I can’t really complain," I tell him with a knowing look, and his face falls immediately. He looks pale, and I almost feel sorry I lied.


“You’re joking,” he tells me, jaw taut, a panicked look in his eyes.

“Not so funny now, is it?” I quip and see him slowly regain the color that had gone amiss from his cheeks. His eyes sparkle like emeralds as he recovers, and the corner of his lips tilts into a grin that tells me he’ll make me pay for it.

I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea, if it entails certain things.

He points a finger at me and shakes his head in disbelief.

“That wasn’t funny, Ines.”

“That was very funny and you know it.”

“Alright. You got me. I’m going to stop teasing you now, okay?”

Oh, please don’t.

I shrug. “A little teasing never hurt anybody, am I right?”

He nods slowly, a small smile stretching across his face. His eyes linger on me, as if trying to read me. I felt bold a moment ago, but now that he’s staring at me with such intensity, I feel my cheeks redden and look down.

lunedì 3 dicembre 2018

Promised Hearts by Lindsay Detwiler

Release Date: 12.03.2018


Promising forever isn’t always easy, even when you’ve found Mr. Right. 

How could we be anything but forever to each other when our lives are so irresolutely melded together? 

Two years ago, Avery Johannas swore she wouldn’t give her heart to another man again—and then Jesse Pearce changed her mind. Now, with wedding bells getting ready to ring, Avery’s relying on her friends to get her through all the hectic wedding planning. However, she’ll have to let go of the past in order to say “I do” one more time and take the risk again. 
Avery and Jesse’s relationship isn’t the only one changing. 

Reed’s role as wedding planner makes Lysander realize all he is missing. With wedding fever in the ocean air, will the two be ready to take the next big step as well—or will Lysander be left craving the promise of forever? 
As the couples from Midsummer Nights get ready for Avery’s big day, they’ll pull together in a memorable way—and the surprise twist up their sleeves is sure to make fans of the Lines in the Sand series swoon.


Promised Hearts is the last installment of this series and you should read the previous ones before starting this.

This is a nice sweet story,it was entartaining and pleasant to read.
I've enjoyed to see the preparations for the wedding and Avery and Jesse big day, but what makes this book really special are all the feelings and the relationships between this bubbly,sparkling,lively group of friends.I'll definitely miss them.

giovedì 29 novembre 2018

Snap Decision by Jami Davenport

Release Date: 11.29.2018


Bad boy quarterback Tyler Harris plays ball for a living and breaks hearts for a hobby. 

With two championships in as many years, Tyler is the best quarterback in the league. Gorgeous and rich, he's at the top of his game. Women love him. Men want to be him. Only Tyler's not feeling the love. In fact, he's not feeling anything at all. Licking his wounds after a scandal and a breakup with his long-time girlfriend, he retreats to a run-down mansion on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest. Once there, Tyler is blindsided by the sassy redhead next door. He knows that he's met his match and possibly his soulmate. There's one problem. She despises him.

Lavender Mead has a good reason to dislike jocks, namely an absentee father who deserted the family to coach college football. Maybe that explains her penchant for bad boys -- especially those who play ball. Her new neighbor seems just that type. Yet Tyler's not the shallow superstar she expected, and she's inexplicably drawn to football's bad boy. The two are so hot together, they're combustible.

As the clock ticks down, can they commit to each other forever? Or will they both fall short of the goal at the last minute?


Snap Decision is an enemies to lovers story that hooked me from start to finish and I really enjoyed it.

Tyler is a football player who doesn't feel his game anymore,Lavender is a sassy woman with a  deep loathing for jocks.
When they meet on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest they seem lost,both of them fearing the future but the chemistry between them is off the charts.Between an energetic sex escapade and a good bantering we see them growing up as individuals and as a couple.

I don't have read every book in the series but I recommend this author to all the sports romance fans,you won't be disappointed.

martedì 20 novembre 2018

Mercy by Julianna Marley

Release Date: 11.20.2018



That’s all Liam Walsh knows how to do and if he were being honest, all he was ever really good at. Dedicating his entire life to the game has taken him to some pretty remarkable places and in less than twelve seconds it had also brought him within inches of his life. Taking a careless approach to his recovery hasn’t exactly been the best game plan he’d ever conjured up, but that didn’t mean management had to send an overbearing, spitfire assistant to get him back on the field. Certainly not one who favored stilettos and fine lingerie.

Emme McGovern believes in two things: Jesus and really good football.

An assistant on a national football team, she is constantly surrounded by men who think they can do her job better. Which is why she isn’t in the least bit surprised that the fate of her future now rests in the hands of a cranky, stubborn, arrogant football player on injured reserve. When Emme is offered an opportunity to make history, landing her and her Louboutin’s on Liam’s door step, what she finds isn’t just some football player. She doesn’t find a warm reception, either.

With the clock winding down, Emme is determined to piece Liam back together, but as their long days turn into even longer nights, the game no longer becomes about promotions or a comeback story, but a matter of life or death. Will their time together have them laying it all on the field for their future? Or will it send them both running and begging for mercy?


This was a good read,I could hardly put this book down.

I didn't read the blurb before starting to read Mercy,because I trust Julianna Marley and her writing skills,and it took me on an emotional ride.
This story touched my heart,it felt so real it reminded me of Ryan Shazier (Steelers player) injury and I was very engaged in the story.

Liam and Emme journey was littered with hurdles but their strength, their stubbornness and also their fragility made them find their happiness.
I loved these characters and I cheered for them since the beginning.

I am so looking forward to reading the next installment of this series.

mercoledì 14 novembre 2018

Pucked Love by Helena Hunting

Release Date: 11.13.2018


As an NHL player, relationships haven’t been my thing. Shrouded in secrecy and speculation, they never last very long. But then that’s what happens when you require an NDA before the first date. 

Until Charlene. She’s like a firefly. She’s elusive, and if you catch her she’ll burn bright, but keeping her trapped dulls her fire and dims her beauty. 

I caught her. And as much as I might want to keep her, I’ll never put the lid on her jar. Not at the risk of losing her. So I've let her set the rules in our relationship.

But as long hidden secrets expose us both, I discover exactly how fragile Charlene is, and how much I need her.

We’re all broken. We’re all messed up. Some more than others. Me more than most.


Helena Hunting made us wait a long time to finally have Charlene and Darren story but I can assure you it's worth it.
I'm always surprised by this author talent,she can successfully write whatever she wants,funny hilarious stories or dramatic and serious ones.

Charlene and Darren couple was the most enigmatic and mysterious.They appear elusive and discreet  in the previous books so much so I didn't know what to expect from this novel.
I've really enjoyed it,their relationship is complex,deep and constantly evolving.

I don't want to ruin this epilogue of the Pucked series for whoever has long waited like me so I won't go into many details but I recommend you to read it with an open mind and without any expectation.


You’re turning twenty-six. It’s your champagne birthday, so we need to do something fun.” Violet bounces, making her boobs shake and my mimosa slosh perilously. “It should be themed! We can all wear leather chaps!”

“Could you be any more cliché?” I roll my eyes. “Just to be clear, Darren doesn’t own chaps.”
“Just a ball gag and a mask with no eye holes, according to Alex.”

And we’re back to my sex life. I knew I was getting off so easy.
I wonder if Darren is catching this kind of heat today. I seriously doubt it’s worse than what I’m getting since I don’t think his friends are likely to push his buttons, but I’ll have to ask when I speak to him next. I’m not sure when that will be, either. The message I sent about Gertrude was pretty straightforward and doesn’t necessarily require a response. Maybe I should’ve worded it differently.

Sunny raises her hand, like we’re all still in middle school and she’s waiting her turn to speak. “Wouldn’t a mask with no eyeholes be dangerous? You wouldn’t be able to see where you’re going.” Her eyes widen, and she looks around the room. “And what’s a ball gag?”

I honestly love that Sunny has grown up in this highly overinformed society and still manages to be innocent.

“Yeah, Char, wouldn’t a mask with no eyeholes be dangerous?” Violet props her fist on her chin and smiles. “And please, do explain what a ball gag is.”

“I’m not sure you really want the answer to that, Sunny.” Poppy gives me a look I can’t quite decipher.

Sunny twirls her hair around her finger. “Why not?”

“Where’s the harm in a little bondage-sex education? It’s not like Miller’s ever going to go out and buy either item for her. First of all, Alex would murder him, and secondly, I don’t think that’s Miller’s thing.”

Sunny’s face lights up, and she does jazz hands. “Oh! I think I know what Miller’s thing is!”
Lily grins. “Eating your cookie?”

“He really likes to do that, a lot. When my belly gets too big I’ll have to watch from the mirror.” She gets a faraway look in her eyes. “But he has another thing! Kind of like how you and Randy are always getting it on in bathrooms, except I think it’s a bit more sanitary.”

“And it doesn’t cause thousands of dollars of damage,” Violet adds.

Lily throws her hands up in the air. “That sink was already falling off the wall. It’s not my fault it broke!”

“That was one expensive orgasm,” I say.

“And Randy says it was worth every penny.” Lily’s smile is devious as she bites her knuckle, then turns to Sunny. “Anyway, back to Miller’s thing.”

Sunny wiggles around excitedly in her chair. “So Miller paints my toenails for me.”

“Miller’s thing is painting your toenails?”

“Yes. Well, no. I think he likes my toes.” Her fingers go to her lips, and she looks around the room, her cheeks flushing.

“Say what now?” Violet asks.

”Sometimes he kisses them.” She covers her mouth with her palm and says something unintelligible.

Violet sits forward in her chair. “Hold on a second, does Buck have a foot fetish?”

“Um, I don’t know.” Sunny looks worried now. “Is that weird? Is it, like, mask with no eyeholes kind of weird?”

martedì 13 novembre 2018

Fireworks by Sarina Bowen

Release Date: 11.13.2018


Skye Copeland is on paid leave from her broadcasting job after accidentally drawing a pecker on the traffic map.

Let that sink in. Like it’s her fault the traffic pattern created a perfect schlong?

Skye isn’t laughing. She needs this job. And that’s the only reason she’s willing to chase down a story in her least favorite place—that hell on earth known as Vermont.

A quick trip. In and out. Much like - never mind. She can sneak into the town that once tried to break her, get the story and slide back into the good graces of her producer. Easy peasy.

But things go sideways the moment she steps over the county line. Her stepsister is running from a violent drug dealer. And the cop on the case is none other than Benito Rossi, the man who broke Skye’s teenage heart.

His dark brown eyes still tear her apart. And even as she steels herself to finally tell him off after twelve years, the old fireworks are still there.

Things are about to go boom.


This was a great story for me because it was easy to read even though it addresses some hard topics such as abusive talking and drug deaths.

I loved Benito,he is a cop and an overall good and caring man.He fell in love at first sight when he was just 18 years old but the girl vanished without saying goodbye after a year.Now she is back after twelve years and Benito has no intention to let her go again.
Skylar is back in Vermont for a couple of days and she doesn't expect to meet her first love but she realizes right away that their love and affinity never disappeared. 
Will she let him heal her scarred heart? Or will she run away as soon as she meet her step sister?

I've enjoyed this second chance at love story,the present time and the flashbacks made it even more intriguing and suspenseful...I read it too quickly and now I would like to know if there will be a new book in the series and if I'll meet these characters again...I already miss them.

HOCKEY HOLIDAYS - A Hockey Romance Holiday Anthology by V.A

Release Date: 11.13.2018


This holiday season unwrap a brand-new collection of hockey romances that includes humor, drama, love, and - of course - hockey!

How We Fell in Love by Toni Aleo 
He knew she was the one, she wasn't so sure, which is why Grace and James' love story is one for the ages. 

A Second Shot by Shannon Stacey 
She was the one who got away, but when their paths cross once again, all he wants for Christmas is the chance to take another shot at love. 

A Wolfe Brothers Christmas by Jami Davenport 
Spending their first Christmas together in years, the Wolfe brothers fumbling attempts to create good memories go awry. 

Christmas Crosscheck by Jaymee Jacobs 
Bryan's planning to propose to Georgiana on Christmas Eve, but will the chaos of their families’ first holiday together ruin their special moment? 

The Final Slapshot by Jean C. Joachim 
Harry "Deke" Edmonds hides his secret, hoping for a Christmas miracle. When confronted with the truth, will his heart-breaking decision cost him everything? 

Lucky Holiday by Jennifer Lazaris 
Tyler Quinn made the biggest mistake of his life when he broke Ella’s heart, and he’ll need more than an ace up his sleeve to win her back in time for Christmas. 

Dmitri's Christmas Angel by Kat Mizera 
Two women. Two surprise pregnancies. Dmitri Papadakis is screwed. 

His Christmas Cinderella by Kate Willoughby 
When Gideon Aguilar mistakes Bailey Peng for his Uber driver it leads to a night he can’t forget. But after she disappears the next morning will he be able to find his perfect fit? 

Red-Hot Trouble by Lily Harlem 
Sophie Delaney never intended to walk into ‘that’ locker room, at ‘that’ moment, but she did, and now she’ll never be the same again. 

Christmas Interference by Lisa B. Kamps 
Shane Masters no longer believes in happy-ever-afters. Can the woman who knew him best thaw his heart with a little holiday magic before it's too late? 

The Devoted Father and the Introvert by Mary Smith 
Elexis Dunaway loves Twitter and work. Dag Limon loves his twin boys and playing professional hockey. Soon their worlds will collide with one simple tweet. 

Her Best Worst Boyfriend by Melanie Ting 
This Christmas, Em Davis is bringing Mr. Wrong home to prove a point to her parents, but Ian Reid might turn out to be Mr. Right. 

Icing isn't Only for Cookies by Melody Heck Gatto 
Avery James wasn’t looking for love when tall, dark, and deliciously handsome hockey player Kyler Wilson walked into her bakery. 

Dallas Christmas by RJ Scott 
Logan knows lusting after his captain's brother can only lead to trouble. But when fate throws them together, it’s hard not to fall in love. 

The Playboy by Stephanie Julian 
Kyle is back in the minors to rehab his career but that's not all he's hoping to fix. Convincing the girl he left behind to take another chance on this former playboy will be harder than resurrecting his career. 

All I Want by Stephanie Kay 
When fate brings first loves Maggie and Alex back to the same city, will Maggie be brave enough to give the relationship she never forgot a second chance? 

Holding On Tight by Susan Scott Shelley
For defenseman Vince Forsberg and his boyfriend Joseph Parelli, the pressure to make their first Christmas together perfect leads to a lot of chaos, holiday mishaps, and some unexpected results.

A Star-Crossed Christmas by V.L. Locey
Two years ago, Mitch shared an explosive kiss with his childhood friend Shaun. Will Christmas be the time for the two men to find a future together that works?

**100% of the proceeds from sales of this anthology will be donated to charity.** 


This is the best way to know new authors and to have a taste of their writing.

I enjoyed these short stories,some more than others,but them all are worth reading.
I have added some of these authors to my TBR list because even if I love hockey books I have read only one author before and I've only heard of other two.