sabato 31 marzo 2018

Say You Need Me by Carrie Lomax

Release Date: 03.17.2018


She’s hit rock bottom…in Las Vegas. 
Janelle Carlisle thought signing up to be a sugar baby would be a great way to pay down her student loans and prove she’s finally over her last boyfriend—two birds, one stone. But it all goes cockeyed. Now she’s sharing an undersized hotel room with one drool-worthy, ex-Army, IT security consultant, at least until she can get her ID back from the sugar daddy and her ass onto a plane back to Florida. She’s in no rush, though, if it means accomplishing at least one of her goals... 

He’s worth the gamble. 
Despite her smart mouth and stupid plan, Trent Mason can tell that Janelle’s a good girl. She’s told him so. Repeatedly. But she’s not very convincing, coming onto him with a boldness he’d have expected from his last girlfriend, an adult film star. Trent’s determined to hide his past as a pro poker player and accidental porn actor, but he’ll tell Janelle the truth if it means scaring her off. 

It doesn’t. He’s not sorry about what happens next. 

Win big or go home. 
Trent has no intention of getting involved. Janelle’s not going away. Her new career puts them on a collision course with Trent’s past. He once gambled and lost everything—no way is he going all in on Janelle. Someone’s going to lose big—unless they can hit the jackpot together. 


Say You Need Me was a steamy,emotional read.
Carrie Lomax easily cought my attention with her writing skills.I like how her story and main characters develop page after page keeping me interested and involved.

I was curious to read this story and I wasn't disappointed.Janelle and Trent aren't two-dimensional characters,they are complicated.
The attraction between Janelle and Trent is palpable from their first encounter but their journey is not as easy as to give in to the sex pleasure. I was so glad to follow their personal and professional growth.

giovedì 29 marzo 2018

Bashful by Lo Brynolf

Release Date: 03.26.2018


Callie Miller loves drama. As a theatre major, that’s a given.

It’s hard to date in the theatre department when all the guys are either taken or gay—like her best friend and longtime crush.

When Callie becomes the lead in the biggest production of the year, she realizes she has no time for love.

Until Sebastian “Bash” Moore reenters her life, stage left.

He left everything behind three years ago to chase his dreams. But his heart remained at home, tied to memories of a tiny blonde with a flair for the dramatics—on and off the stage.

Bash is determined to become her leading man, and he will do anything to get out of the friend-zone and win her love. Only, it might not be so easy.

Callie Miller might love drama, but she’s out to protect her heart…


Bashful was a nice read.
Lo Brynolf debut novel was a win for me even if sometimes her writing and flow were still green but she has all the time to get better and better and I'll definitely want to read more of her future works. 

I really liked the characters.
I'd like to have them as friends,they are the right mix of funny and sweet and smart and sassy.
Following Callie and Bash journey was interesting and entertaining but I won't disclose any spoiler because I don't want to ruin your reading experience.

giovedì 22 marzo 2018

Rumors, Episode 1 by Rachael Brownell

Release Date: 03.22.2018


“Like wildfire, rumors are easy to spread… and hard to extinguish.”

Flat broke and down on her luck, Emerson Hastings is handed the perfect opportunity. Executive assistant to the head of Creative Marketing at Dixon Advertising. It’s a chance to prove herself, move up with the company, and land her dream job in media advertising. What Emerson doesn’t know is that her boss should come with a warning label. He’s hotheaded, demanding, and sexy as sin.

When long days turn into late nights with her boss, rumors about Emerson and Ryder begin to spread. By the time they circle back to her, they’re difficult to ignore, making her attraction to her boss hard to deny. Everyone has an opinion and no one cares if the rumors are true. No one except Emerson.


Rumors was a good story. 

Emerson is at her first job after she graduate and she is not ready to face the rumors about the attraction between her and her boss spreading around the office at lightning speed.
I've really enjoyed to read about Emerson and Ryder journey from two toxic relationship that bring them down to a new scaring but at the same time charming experience.

This was my first Rachael Brownell's book but it won't be the last because I'm already waiting for the next novel in this series.

I recommend it to those who wants to read about a sexy Boss but they not expect a scorching hot story.


“Stop fidgeting,” Angela says, shutting off the engine. “It’s not like he’s going to whisk you away to his bedroom and have his way with you. Well, unless you ask nicely.”

“Stop it,” I scold as Ryder’s front door opens and my sexy boss appears, sans shirt, his shorts riding low on his hips. “Fuck me,” I whisper.

“All you have to do is ask,” Angela teases as she opens her door, moving swiftly before I have a chance to smack her.

Following her lead, I begin gathering bags from the trunk. When I turn to follow Angela, I find my path blocked.

“How’s your head?” Ryder asks, taking the bags from my hand.


“Your headache?”

“Oh, yeah. Slept it off. I’m good.” I’m fumbling over every word as I stare at Ryder's bare chest.

I’ve seen him without a shirt on before, and yes, I enjoyed the view then, but this is different. We’re not at the office. No one is around except Angela and she seems to have disappeared. This feels dangerous and dirty, and all I want is to reach out and trace the lines of his peck and maybe his abs. Or the top of his waistband.

lunedì 12 marzo 2018

Limelight by Alyson Santos

Release Date: 03.12.2018


I’m unpredictable.
A genius, an underachiever.
I’m the song, the voice, the passion, the pain.
I am failure.
I do music because it’s what I am, but sometimes that’s not enough.
A slave to my nature, I wait for it to show mercy and drop a gift in my lap.
Because the music chose me.
I’m its victim not its gift.

She destroyed my career.
Ruined my life.
Pushed me from the shadows and exposed my lies.
She’s the fire that destroys lesser men,
and now her flames are aimed at me.
She loves to watch me burn,
but the part we never saw coming?

Sometimes it takes a fire to ignite a spark
And slay the darkness.
**An NSB standalone novel**


It's harder than ever for me to write a review for an Alyson Santos book and to make it justice,her writing always ignites so many feelings in me that when I turn the last page I'm not functioning enough to put my emotions into words because I just want to cry in a fetal position.

"He is the sun and you're the one afraid of light." 

Jesse troubled journey wrecked my heart.He is a music genious but he struggles with some loud demons that he keeps at bay with the drugs.When his addiction ruins his and his band's careers he tries to make some changes in order to get to the top and to reach the well deserved success again.

"Rewind back to the day
A superhero roared
It's okay
To fly,to dream,to spread broken wings

To scale a mountain in spite of it all."

Wild Hearts by Lindsay Detwiler

Release Date: 03.10.2018


This sexy cowboy is out of his element. He doesn’t want commitment, but Jodie Ellison is a force of nature who can’t be ignored.

Jodie Ellison loves wild parties, chaotic fun, and spontaneity in her hometown of Ocean City, Maryland. With her writing career and waitressing job not quite paying the bills, Jodie desperately needs a new roommate and finds herself in a nightmarish situation when her roomie turns out to be a disastrous choice.

The wild and unruly Levi Creed is a little bit rebel and a whole lot of sexy. When he moves in next door to Jodie, things get a bit tumultuous thanks to a squawking parrot and a dangerous fire pit. It seems like Levi’s adorable Texan drawl and perfect body can’t possibly win over Jodie… or can they?

An undeniable chemistry simmers between the unlikely pair. The beach babe and the sexy cowboy soon find themselves asking: Can they tame their wild hearts and commit to the blossoming romance between them?


Wild Hearts is the latest book written by Lindsay Detwiler and once again I wasn't disappointed by her nice,funny and sweet words so easy to read.

Jodie,our heroine, is an horror writer,Levi,our Hero, is a cowboy.They are now neighbours in Ocean City,they are attracted from each other at the first sight but their relationship grows slowly because their wild hearts are harder to tame than a bronco and their disillusioned idea of love is difficult to change. 

I adored to see again the supporting characters they still are an eclectic bunch.


Plus, more importantly, I don’t want this flaunty cowboy to think I’m interested or something. I mean, what kind of man walks around Ocean City with an open plaid shirt? What kind of man puts a fire ring in his front yard to cook dinner?

I’ve been down the hot-bod-guy road before, and it didn’t turn out great. He seems nice enough, it’s true. But he’s got that swagger about him, and I’ve seen that before. Something tells me Levi Creed isn’t an innocent Texan boy. Something in his eyes, in his posture, in his everything screams rebel.

True, the last time I fell for a six-pack abs guy was at beach yoga, and the guy wasn’t quite wearing a cowboy hat. But still. I know his type. A hell of a lot of fun… but a hell of a lot of trouble too.

The fire looks nice and inviting, but I’ve been burned before. I have my writing career to focus on. I don’t need to end up in the burning embers again.

“Never mind,” I say, and Levi stays put for a moment before smiling, tipping his hat at me like I’m some southern belle, then heading back into his apartment. He emerges ten minutes later with what looks to be some steaks. He sets up some kind of rack over the fire, and the smell is heavenly. I bury my nose in my computer, though, determined to get some work done.

When he’s done cooking, he ambles back in his apartment, and I figure I won’t see him again.

Fifteen minutes later, though, he comes out with a plate. “I don’t want to distract you, but I had an extra and thought you might be hungry.”

“Smells good. Thanks,” I say, realizing I am actually quite hungry.

“One word of warning. More than one lady has fallen head over heels for me because of my amazing steak cooking skills. Eat at your own risk.”

My mouth opens to spew some witty response, but I’ve got nothing. He winks at me, hands the plate to me, and once I take it, he spins on his boot and walks away, no further questions or comments.

I stare down at the plate, a fork and knife included. There’s a heavenly smelling steak with a salad. Sebastian climbs up on my lap, pawing at the plate, almost choking himself on the harness in the process.

The man might have odd fashion choices, a southern drawl, and a bit of overconfidence, but ten minutes later when the steak’s been devoured, I decide he can definitely cook a damn steak—and maybe Levi Creed as a neighbor has its benefits.

giovedì 8 marzo 2018

Her Real Man by Natalina Reis

Release Date: 03.06.2018


An imperfect firefighter defined by his past.

A determined author on a mission for the truth.

When Ana Mathews searches for book-boyfriend inspiration, she gets more than she expected from Gavin McLeod. Her quest to find imperfection could be the spark that brings to life their chance at happiness, or the burn that could destroy it all.


Her Real Man was a sweet romantic story a little bit on the short side but perfect for a lazy Sunday read.

I enjoyed so much to read Ana' s quest to find a real man to write and to portray the Heroes of her books less stereotypically.When she meets Gavin she thinks she's found what she was looking for and she is ready to put him into her next novel but he will also surprise her.

I recommend to read Natalina Reis stories because they are all good and her writing is flawless.


I coughed to clear my throat. It didn’t help. The words that always came so easy to me on paper didn’t want to leave my lips. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to freak you guys out.” My shoulders hunched down as I deflated again. “I’m just a writer.”

I may have whispered those last few words, but his head still snapped up with curiosity. “A writer? Are you writing about the firehouse?”

“Firemen.” I had become monosyllabic, apparently. “Research.”

The cute fireman wiped his hands on his pants and offered me one for a shake. “Hi, I’m Gavin McLeod.” He took my hand in his and shook it enthusiastically. His hand was big and warm. I felt the calluses on his fingers against my soft palm. “You are?”

“Ana. Ana Mathews.” Our hands were still together, moving up and down like a jump rope. He is really cute.

“It looks like a slow day today. Why don’t you come inside and meet the guys?” Oh, my God. Did he just invite me into the firehouse? “We were just getting ready to have lunch. Care to join us?”

“Can I?” Okay, so that’s two words. I seemed to have broken the monosyllabic spell. My hand was still cocooned inside his, and I wasn’t going to lie; it felt good.

Gavin pulled gently on my hand, coaxing me from the wall. “Yes, of course. Come on. You can come and ask us whatever you want.”

My butt felt weird, all numb from the cold cement wall, and I had the urge to wiggle it a bit. But I didn’t. Instead I followed the tall, green-eyed man into the firehouse, my legs shaking like leaves in a summer breeze, and my palms, now freed from the warm shelter of his, sweaty and clammy.

I can do this. I can do this. Except I probably couldn’t. My tongue had swelled to double its size—or so it felt—and my brain had been replaced by a wad of cotton balls as I crossed the threshold. Immediately I felt like a lamb who had just walked into a wolf-riddled meadow. Several pairs of suspicious eyes scanned me from head to toe, and this time even my overactive imagination couldn’t turn those looks into what they were not.

“Hey, guys. Ana here is a writer and she is writing about a fireman.” I had to give it to him; he was as enthusiastic about my nonexistent story as a little boy about a lollipop.

The other guys looked at me as if I had two heads at first, but then their faces opened in big welcoming smiles. Several almost stepped all over each other offering me a chair at the big rectangular table they were all sitting at. I picked the one closest to my green-eyed fireman and smiled nervously at the large group of men in the room. Why were there no women? I knew for a fact that there were several female firefighters in the neighborhood, but none of them were present that day.

giovedì 1 marzo 2018

Cake by Carmen Jenner

Release Date: 03.01.2018


Poppy Porter's ex is getting married ... to her ex-best friend. To land her dream job of partner in the most prestigious firm on the Upper East Side, Poppy must now pull double shifts as their wedding planner and maid of honor. And the icing on a truly craptastic cake? Leo Nass. Handsome, infuriating, womanizer, and … the best man. Despite their longstanding loathing, Poppy doesn't see Leo coming. Literally.

One ruined cake.
One archnemesis.
One hour to save the wedding.

Can they put their hatred aside long enough to save Poppy’s job and Bridezilla's head from exploding?

Piece of cake, right?


I loved this story!!!
Cake is a great rom-com,it was enterteining,funny and sweet...I hope it becomes a movie soon.

Poppy,our heroine,is an amazing wedding planner but she isn't ready to arrange and to take part to her ex fiancè and best friend's wedding.
Fortunately our heroine during this very stressful time,with her job on the line and tons of little hitches,finds the support of her very nemesis,Leo Nass.

I liked Leo even if he's a playboy and our heroine is not too fond of him I can see something good in him and reading his scenes made me laugh a lot.

I really recommend to read this book asap if you want to have some good time.


I sneak closer to the bed, my heart pounding as I throw the pillow at him. The guy shifts in his sleep, and his breathing slows, but a beat later the snoring starts again and I have to resist the urge to scream. Instead, I raise my poker and jab the sheet covered body. It’s not hard, just a quick jab or two, but he still doesn’t stir.

“Hey, asshole!” I shout, and whack him hard in the butt with my poker.

The giant freak jumps up and seizes my hand. His grip forces me to drop my weapon. He yanks me toward him—on top of him—and this is how I find myself eye to eye with the beast. He breathes his heavy, stinking breath on my face, and I wince and wrinkle my nose.

Leo’s eyes crinkle in the corners as he laughs. “Morning, Pop Tart.”

“Get the hell out of my bed. And brush your goddamn teeth. What are you doing in my house, Nass?”

“Ah, still feisty, huh? Is this like an all-day thing with you, or do you eventually turn from an angry sea witch into a person? Would coffee help?”

“Fuck you, Leo.”

“Darlin’, you wish.”

“You’re disgusting. I wouldn’t touch you if—”

“Yeah, yeah, if I were the last man on Earth. I’ve heard it all before, sweet cheeks, and I don’t buy it for a second.” He flips us so suddenly my head spins. I’m beneath him, my wrists pinioned to the bed above my head by just one of his strong hands. The other glides up my side. My sheets have twisted up around us, but from this angle it looks as if Leo Nass is very much naked in my bed.

“Goddamn it,” I complain once I find my voice. “I’m going to need to burn these sheets after you leave.”

His eyebrow quirks, and the grin he gives me is all-out salacious. He shifts his weight between my legs, then he drops his hips and grinds his erection against me. I’m stunned, speechless. I have no words. They’ve all left me because my brain has turned to mush and my vagina is the only one thinking, and I’m really not okay leaving her in charge. “Why burn them when we’re not done messing them up?”