sabato 28 aprile 2018

Belleza and the Brute by Jane Matisse

Release Date: 04.28.2018


When two lost souls are brought together in an unlikely circumstance, it’ll take more to scare this feisty beauty away from a domineering beast. A story of love, loss, and learning to accept when life gives you a second chance.

Elena Salazar has taken care of her gambling-addicted brother since her parents’ death. When he calls her late one night asking for help, she’s thrown into Tristan Mercier’s life and is at his mercy. Unable to pay her brother’s debt, a contract is signed: she will live and work for Tristan for six months while her brother is sent to rehab. 

Tristan Mercier is scarred, both physically and emotionally. He lost his happily ever after five years earlier in a fire that nearly took his life. He’s broken and bitter, but with Elena’s arrival, things are changing, and the feelings he thought long buried begin to resurface.

Can this brute open his heart to give his belleza a chance?


This was such a nice read.
I loved all the reference to the famous tale,especially the enormous library, but do not believe this is a whole retelling of The Beauty and The Beast.

Elena and Tristan met during a night not in a pleasant circumstance, they lead a lonely life,they are both anguished from their past and for two different reasons they have given up to fall in love but their agrement to live and work together will change their lives forever.

Jane Matisse words flow effortlessly giving the reader some pleasure and a very good time.


Something about the way her plump lips stayed open in wonder held him mesmerized. He cleared his throat. “Yes, it is. You know John William Waterhouse’s work?”

Elena answered without taking her eyes off the painting. “Not really. It’s just his rendition of La Belle Dame Sans Merci is my favorite.”

“So, you’re an art aficionado?”

“No, I just like to read. A lot. Keats is my favorite poet, and La Belle is my favorite poem of his. The paintings are just a plus.”

Tristan nodded. If he thought he was a little curious about Elena before, now he wanted to know her life story. Clearing his throat, he pushed a packet before her.

The contract.

“This contract pretty much states that while your brother is off in rehab, you will be living and working with me. Now, this is only temporary, but if after the time frame you would like to continue to work for me, it could be arranged. Six months is the initial requirement. This work doesn’t in any way, shape, or form signify… sexual services.” Heat rose to his face. Why he felt like a green boy, he didn’t know. It wasn’t like he was a monk for Christ’s sake. When he was in the mood, there was always a woman available for his pleasure. Did he feel empty afterward? Yes, but that didn’t stop him. He was a red-blooded man after all.

“This says a period of six months,” Elena replied, her face slightly flushed.

“Yes. Six months, granted that your brother recuperates within that time frame.”
“That seems a bit long doesn’t it?”

“It gives both you and Adam time to get your life on track.”

There was a silence long enough that Tristan began to think she would reject the offer. And there was a little part of him that wished she wouldn’t. “I accept.”

Tristan handed her a pen, and she tentatively reached for it, her hand brushing against his in the process. He found himself marveling at the electric current running through his veins in response to the touch. She signed her name on the dotted line. “Very well, then. We are in agreement. Now, you may go get yourself comfortable in your new bedroom. Paola will show you,” he said, standing from his chair and walking toward the door.

“When will I start working?” Elena asked as she followed him.

“Monday. In the meantime, get settled in, take a couple days to familiarize yourself with the house. You will be here for six months.”

Tristan waited next to the entrance as Elena took her leave. He caught the scent of lavender as she passed him, and it took all his willpower not to plant his nose in her hair and inhale her scent.

He swallowed a few times before speaking. “Breakfast will be served in the dining room within the hour if you care to eat,” he said gruffly. “If you need anything from me, I’ll be here in the office.”

“You’re not eating?” she asked, turning to look at him.

He shook his head. “Too much work I need to take care of. You enjoy.”

Elena nodded and left without another word.

Tristan watched her as she climbed up the steps with Paola following right behind. Her beautiful long brown hair swayed with each step she took. He was planted in one spot, unable to tear his eyes away. Then Paola turned to look at him and winked.

venerdì 27 aprile 2018

Shutdown Player by Jami Davenport

Release Date: 04.27.2018


After a brief marriage to an unfaithful, gold-digging wife, Jared Roderick is looking for the perfect good girl, and he thinks he’s found her. Sweet, quiet, prim Stephanie Clarke is exactly the woman he wants and nothing like his cheating ex. Now to convince a reluctant Steph they were meant to be together. 

Steph has had enough of men controlling her life from her preacher father to her abusive boyfriend. She wants to regain the innocence she lost and ignore the ugliness of her recent past. She’s not the pure and sheltered virgin Jared is looking for and fends off his advances despite the sizzling chemistry between them. 

Jared is as determined to win Steph over as he is to win hockey games; but when his fantasy becomes tarnished, does he have the strength to skate the distance?


This was such an enjoyable read.
The romantic side of the story developpes really slowly giving the tale more credibiliy.

Steph,our heroine, is getting off a very abusive relationship and she is trying to get her life back on track. She works two jobs and doesn't give men more than a thought until she meets Jared. He is an  easygoing guy who still believes in love even after his marriage ended pretty badly.
I've liked to read about these two characters' journey,they have a special bond since the beginning and I've really appreciated how Jared didn't push himself into Steph's life giving her some time to get accustomed to their friendship first.

I didn't have read all the books in the series but I'm regretting my choices because Jami Davenport writing is great and I need to make up for lost time.

giovedì 26 aprile 2018

Rumors, Episode 2 by Rachael Brownell

Release Date: 04.26.2018


Broken heart after broken heart, Justine is about to give up on dating when an unexpected meeting, followed by a night spent getting to know each other, leads Justine to believe that she may have found the man she’s been waiting for. Things are finally looking up until the man who ruined her waltzes back into her life.

For Devon, it was supposed to be a quick trip up north. A surprise party for a friend’s birthday, but the surprise is on him. He didn’t count on falling for Justine and he wasn’t in the market for anything serious, but she makes him want to change everything. After spending every available moment together, Devon’s ready to take the plunge and uproot his life for her.

Rumors begin to fly, reaching Devon in Chicago. He doesn’t know whether to believe what he’s being told and forget his feelings for Justine or stand up and fight for what he wants.


I've loved this second episode of Rumors.

Devon and Justine are so cute together.They met at a Ryder's party and it's love at first sight.It isn't easy for them not living in the same city but their feelings are strong until a rumor spreds in Justine's office and it reaches Devon's ears undermining their relationship.

I recommend you to start this series right now because it's really good and you are missing a lot of nice novels.

martedì 24 aprile 2018

As I Am by Melissa Collins

Release Date: 04.25.2018


Chase Hansen. Broke. College drop out. Male stripper.
My life wasn’t at all what I imagined it would be. I should have been finishing up college, interning with a well-respected business, partying with my friends. But instead, I was raising my seventeen year old brother, struggling to make ends meet. Love wasn’t even on my radar. Besides, what did I have to offer? A few crumpled singles pulled from my G-string? Defeated and exhausted, I knew I had zero chance of finding someone to love me just as I am.
Noah Carpenter. Angry. Betrayed. Doctor.
Just when I thought my life was going exactly as it should, everything turned upside down. With my final rotation in medical school complete, I finally achieved my lifelong dream of becoming a doctor. What I never expected was to catch the man of my dreams in our bed with the man of his. Beyond infuriated, I struggled to piece together the remnants of my life. Just when I’d decided to give up on love altogether, I found a man who loved me just as I am.


As I am was a nice,spicy and a little emotional read.
For me it's another Melissa Collins' success,I've really appreciated this extended version of her previous short story.

Noah and Chase are so different from each other,a doctor the first and a stripper the latter,but at the same time they are both insecure.Their sexual relationship is ardent, lustful and passionate, and it helps them to grow and to overcome their issues.

The supporting characters are also important because they help those two hardheaded men to see the truth in more than one occasion.

Love At Last by Claudia Connor

Release Date: 04.24.2018


How many times can you be unlucky in love before you decide it's not luck, it's you? 

With her ex-groom's words, I'm in love with someone else, still ringing in her ears, Clare Franklin flies off alone to her would-be honeymoon. Forced to accept not everyone gets that happily ever after she's always dreamed of, she's done with men. Until she gets tangled up, quite literally, with one sexy veterinarian.

The only thing Dr Deacon Montgomery wants is to share his surgical expertise and get back to his two year old twin daughters. But, the connection he feels with Clare highlights just how alone he really is and makes him wonder if he can be more than doctor and daddy.

Long talks and moonlit walks under the rustle of palms has Clare thinking maybe she gave up on love too soon. Until one phone call from home changes everything.


I've enjoyed Claudia Connor's previous works and this was great as well.
I recommend to read it if you are looking for a good, sweet story.

Clare and Deacon met at a beach resort and the few days they spend together are like a dream,their relationship is easy and effortless, until the reality breaks into their fairy tale leaving them alone and unhappy.

I loved Deacon,how he always takes responsibility for his actions and how good he is with his family.
I liked all the characters and I hope to see some of them again maybe in their own story.

lunedì 9 aprile 2018

Something So Unscripted by Natasha Madison

Release Date: 04.02.2018


Finding my teammate in bed with my wife made the decision I had been fighting with for years easier.
It’s time to move on.
A fresh start and a new NHL team in a big city. Most importantly, it’s my son Jack’s best shot.
It would be both of our best shots.

After a bad childhood, I made sure I would succeed, so I lived for my job.
The problem is I die a little with each patient I lose. It’s part of my career at Hudson Children’s Oncology Hospital, but it doesn’t make the sting of loss any easier.
Seeking anything other than a life saved isn’t on my agenda until a NHL player walks into my hospital with his son.
We’re officially off script the moment we meet.
If this love is anything, it’s unscripted.


Something So Unscripted is my favorite story written by Natasha Madison.
Even if it was a crying fest for me I was glad to have chosen to read it because this novel is full of Love,every word has the power to break and mend your heart at the same time,yeah I know this is confusing but give a chance to this book and you won't regret it.

Denise is kind,lovely and she has a big heart,Zack is a good man,strong and beautiful.
They are perfect for each other,their love is easy,they build a deep bond and they are ready to fight everything together.

I loved these characters and all their friends and I got really happy with the epilogues.


“Zack.”  I hear her voice and just look at my wife. The woman who said she would love me in good times and in bad yet is currently holding a sheet to cover her naked body. The four-carat engagement with matching eternity wedding ring glistens in the light. “It’s just ...” she starts to say, and I look over at the man in bed next to her. In our bed.

“It’s over.” I say the two words I swore I wouldn’t say no matter how hard it got. No matter how much I saw her push me away, no matter that I always suspected she was cheating on me. Then I look over at the man who I called a brother, the man who stood by my side on and off the ice. “You’re scum.”

“It just happened,” Colton says, getting out of the bed. At least he’s wearing boxers. His knee is still wrapped from the operation he had last month, which is why he wasn’t on the road with us, which is how I surprised them.

We were on the road for the whole week and due back tomorrow, but I hightailed it out of there to get home to my family and my son. “It just so happened you walked into my house and slept with my wife?” I ask him, and I have to wonder why I’m not more pissed, why I’m not more angry with them. “You come here and sleep with my wife with my son under the same roof.”

“Zack,” my wife says, and I look over at her again. Tears are rolling down her cheeks, her perfectly made up face now streaked with the black mascara she always wears. “Please let’s ...”

I shake my head, putting my hands in my pockets. “Let’s what? Let’s talk about this?” I throw my head back and laugh. “Let’s talk about the fact that our son is in his room dying. Let’s talk about the fact that instead of helping him, you’re just helping yourself. Let’s talk about the fucking fact that instead of being there by his side with me, you chose to escape the fucking reality that our son won’t make it to six years old.”

“No.” She shakes her head, and I know that I’ve about had it.

“I’ll give you an hour,” I tell them both. “One hour and I want you packed and at the door when I come back.”

“But—” she says.

“But nothing, Chantal. You did what you had to do for you, and now I’m doing what I need to do for our son.”

I turn and walk out of our bedroom, then down the winding staircase that leads to the big brass front doors. Once outside in the warm Arizona air, I take my phone out of my pocket and call the only person I know who has my back no matter what. My agent and best friend, Jamie.

He answers after one ring, and it doesn’t surprise me he sleeps with his phone in his hand. “What’s up?” he says, his voice sleepy since it’s four a.m. in New York.

“I want out of Arizona, make the trade. Call the powers that be; I want out,” I tell him, getting into my Range Rover.

“You can’t just demand that,” he says, and I hear sheets rustle.

“Just walked in on Colton fucking my wife, so you can bet your ass I can. Make it happen. Call New York because it’s the only place I’ll go. I don’t care if I take a pay cut.”

“That fucking scumbag,” he says. “I’ll call them now.”

“Jamie, there is a top-notch doctor who specializes in cancer in New York. Max Horton’s sister,” I tell him quietly and slowly drive out of my gate.

“I’ll make it happen,” he says softly. “I’ll let you know what they say.”

“Jamie, I’m leaving here in a week regardless of what they say,” I tell him and disconnect the call.

“One week,” I say to myself. “One fucking week.”

sabato 7 aprile 2018

Never You by Stacy Gold

Release Date: 03.05.2018


One hot night can melt the coldest of hearts...

Emerald Mountain Ski Hut caretaker Morgan Monroe doesn’t do casual relationships. Not anymore. Certainly not with the obnoxious, flirty, too-hot-for-his-own-good chef she’s wanted to strangle all season. He’s the kind of man she wouldn’t date in a million years, even if he were the dating type.

Chef Dan Griffin doesn’t believe in relationships. But a one-night stand to celebrate the end of ski season? Hell yes! Especially with the gorgeous caretaker. She’s sexy but melt-in-your-mouth sweet, the kind of woman who could convince a man to get serious…if he were the relationship type. She kept her distance all winter, but he’s hoping he can convince her to get closer for one night of passion.

When things heat up on a cold winter’s night, will they play it safe or follow their hearts?


Never You was a great read.
I really like the enemies to lovers trope and Stacy gold did an amazing job writing it.

Daniel is not Morgan favourite person.He is a flirting playboy and Morgan tried to stay away from him during her seasonal work at the hut but her will was put to test during their last day together when the tourists were gone and she had a very good time with the chef,knowing him better.

This novella is pretty hot because Daniel and Morgan sexual chemistry is over the top,together they could melt a glacier.

martedì 3 aprile 2018

Hot Daddy by Lila Monroe

Release Date: 04.02.2018


Playboy CEO, Cal McAdams, lives life in the fast lane: hot women, hotter deals, and… a fake fiancee? I signed on to help reform his reckless image and win custody of his god-children, but I wasn’t expecting to come face-to-face (and mouth-to-mouth) with my wild Vegas hook-up from three years ago.

AKA, 6”3 of tanned muscle, sharp suits, and ‘undress me’ eyes.
AAKA, the best thigh-clenching, bed-shaking sex of my life.
AAAKA, the man who couldn’t be more off-limits if he had a uranium belt wrapped around his, um, assets. 

I’ve never been one to break the rules, but Cal has me wanting to rip them up - and roll around naked on the scrap paper. But with just three weeks to turn this bachelor into a DILF, can we keep our crazy chemistry from derailing his plans? Or will gold-digging relatives, rambunctious pre-teens, and a little thing called love leave us both crashed out of the race? 


Billionaire Bachelors is definitely becoming my favorite series written by Lila Monroe.
Hot Daddy was an enjoyable story that gave me a very good time.

I couldn't stop read about these charaters.
Cal,hot billionaire, is desperate to find a fake fiancèe who will give him a more serious image in order to win his god-children custody so he meets Jules,a beautiful and smart woman,who will help him but maybe that's not enough.

Read this fast paced,lovely novel to know how it won't regret it!!