The Rival by Megan Green

Release Date: 11.01.2018


I love her. But she loves him.

I’d known Avery Grant was the one for me from the moment she bossed me around on the playground. After over a decade of friendship, I’m still biding my time, waiting for the moment she realizes everything she’s ever wanted is standing right in front of her. 

Then one white envelope sends my world spiraling.
A wedding invitation, announcing Avery’s engagement to the one man who could never deserve her: Miles Johnson.

Miles is the worst kind of human — and my biggest rival. Everything I can do, he thinks he can do better, including being the best rookie pitcher the MLB has seen in decades. But if he makes her happy, who am I to interfere?

But when Avery shows up on my doorstep, devastated and heartbroken by Miles’s betrayal, I can’t help but open my doors for her. 

The timing is all wrong, but I won’t miss my shot. 
This time, I refuse to strike out.


The Rival is a nice sweet read.
This is the third installment of the Washington Rampage series and along the main characters we see again the couples of the previous books.

I loved Carter.He is a hot and amazing baseball player but that's only a plus because he is a caring guy who prefers to not make his feelings known in order to see his best friend happy.
Avery is blinded by her idealized view of love and marriage that she can't see what everyone else have always seen,that she and Carter are perfect for each other and their feeelings are stronger than friendship.

I've enjoyed the friends to lovers plot and the mean kid who wants always to steal your tunder.
Megan Green writing made this a story I'll remember.


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