You've Got Male by Lila Monroe

Release Date: 01.14.2019


All's fair in love, war, and breakfast waffles... 

Zoey Rafferty dreams of becoming the food truck queen of San Francisco. She's building an empire whipping up delicious brunch treats - until the (annoyingly handsome) Breakfast Bandit starts stealing all her customers with his devious tactics and smoldering charm.

Cam Newsom never backs down from a fight. As far as he's concerned, let the best chef win. And so what if Zoey looks sexy as hell when she's all riled up? He wants a woman he can connect with - not have whipped cream spray fights in the middle of the street. A woman like his mysterious online pen-pal, who shares his culinary ambition, and burns up his screen with her flirty quips.

Soon, their competition is heating up the kitchen - and the bedroom. But when the famous foodie TV show Truck Stop rolls into town looking for a new reality star, all bets are off, as Zoey and Cam compete for the prize. But will their rivalry blow both their chances?

And what happens when they find it's not just their food on the line - but their hearts, too?


It's always a pleasure to read a Lila Monroe book,her writing can cheer me up even in the gloomier of days.

Zoey and Cam are the hottest thing on the food truck scene,their relationship grows through thick and thin because the competition is fierce but their connection,love for food and chemistry are even fiercer.

You've Got Male is a fabulous addition to this new series.It was so easy and effortless and enterteining to read and I recommnd it to all the fans of Chick Flicks movies. 


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