Tackled in Seattle by Jami Davenport

Release Date: 09.30.2019



My family has always treated me like a princess, and when my mother reveals her secret, I find out I really am one.

I'm the only child of the second in line to the throne, and after the news breaks, I'm thrust into a life I never imagined. Now I'm trying to fit in and not screw up the never-ending rules and protocol, but I can't forget Gage, the guy I left behind. When my father insists I marry an appropriate blueblood of his choosing, I run to the one person who can save me from myself.

Can I go against my family's wishes and choose love over duty?


On the surface, I've always been a carefree playboy taking full advantage of the perks of being a college quarterback. When Alisa enters my life, everything changes, and nothing is as cut and dried as it once was. After recovering from an injury, I lose my starting spot to the new guy and my heart to Alisa.

Now I'm confronted with the grim possibility of a future without football or Alisa.

Can I trust Alisa enough to reveal the truth hiding under my spoiled, rich boy façade, or will I once again run away from the one woman who loves me for myself?


Tackled in Seattle is charmingly written and a delight to read,there are some of my favourite trope college sports romance meets the royals.

Alisa and Gage are college students,they have a lot of chemistry and they have hooked up for months until they drifted apart. During Summer break their lives have changed so much that when they meet again their relationship has become more complicated.
Will they be honest with each other in order to rekindle their relationship?Or will their uncertain future put their hopes for a longer commitment definitely to rest?

Even if this is the second book of this series it could be read as a stand alone but I highly recommend to read every book written by Jami Davenport becase they are all very good.


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