Nashvegas Nights by Kat Addams

Release Date: 11.08.2019


What happened backstage, didn’t always stay backstage ... in Nashvegas. 
Music Row star, Jason Jones loved three things— his dog, ice-cold beer, and gorgeous redheads. His life sounded like a country song ... and he had the baggage to prove it. One minute he was onstage crooning to a flame-haired goddess, and then he was backstage giving her an encore she’d never forget. 
Neither would he ... 
Hot mess express, Dorothy Elizabeth Prudence was a nurse by day and lonely by night. With a name like that, she never got laid. That was about to change, thanks to her “wing-woman” bestie. 
Hitting Nashville’s Music Row for a wild night had seemed like an excellent idea. She was only looking for a good time but found a lot more than she bargained for. 
They both did …


I've enjoyed reading this book.The story line was interesting and entertaining.

Liz, is a nurse and Jason, is a singer, they met at a club during a concert and the chemistry between them is amazing from the start. They spent some steamy hot moments together then go separate ways but they can't stay away from each other for too long.
Their relationship won't be always strong and steady because there are some unfinished business in the past that will cause some turmoils. 
Will they find their happily ever after?Or their past will definitively ruin their future together?

Find out how these Nashvegas Nights will end 1-clicking it as soon as possible.


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