Send Me Crazy by T. Gephart

Release Date: 02.07.2020


A note, a pair of panties and a date.

When Quinn’s efforts to set up her best friend go awry, she finds herself with a crazy blind date. Could the mystery man be her soul mate? Nothing like an adventure, and at the very least, she was going to have some fun with it.


Send Me Crazy was such a nice and delightful story.

I loved the main character, Quinn is a photographer and Riley is a fireman. They are perfect for each other, they are beautiful,indipendent,successful and a little bit crazy but this makes them even more interesting.
Quinn and Riley's journey is a funny and happy one but even their relationship, that started under a lucky star, has to overcome some hurdles that the fate scattered on their path in order to be happy.

I can't wait to read the next story in this series because T. Gephart delivered a great rom-com and I'm curious to know more about the other characters.


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