Just Another Silly Love Song by Rich Amooi

Release Date: 04.29.2020


Two rival radio personalities. Lori Martin is a positive and upbeat DJ, known for playing love songs and dedications. Ben Baxter dishes out no-nonsense, in-your-face relationship advice. Total opposites. Never in a million years would they want to work together.

Fired for losing her cool after her boyfriend breaks up with her on the air, Lori surprisingly receives a job offer for the coveted morning show at the radio station across town where Ben works. She thinks she’s replacing him, but finds out they want to team up Lori with her archenemy to set the air waves on fire and boost ratings. Financially strapped, she can’t turn down the job.

While their on-air fireworks and explosive chemistry make for great listening, what in the world will happen after work hours?


Lori and Ben are two radio DJs, they both have a famous and popular show. The first presents the Night Show giving romantic tips and love songs dedications, the latter hosts the Morning Show giving straight to the point, sometimes even harsh, relationship advices.

Lori accepts a new job soon after she got dumped on air by her boyfriend and fired in the same aweful night, but she is not too excited when she finds out she will co-host the morning show with her nemesis, Ben.

They are complete opposites but the clash of their personalities and their constant bantering make their show ratings fly and their attraction for each other sparks.
Will they keep their good rates even if they begin to like each other? Or will their physical chemestry and friendship ruin their careers?

This is only the second story I read by Rich Amooi but his writing style and well depicted characters won me over already.

I highly recommend to read Just Another Silly Love Song because it’s an entertaining and lovely story that will put you in a good mood after only few pages, making you smile and swoon at the characters actions.


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