A Sprinkle of Sabotage by Fiona Leitch


Release Date: 03.11.2021


A film company is coming to the Cornish village of Penstowan, and the whole village turn up to be cast as extras, even Jodie ‘Nosey’ Parker. Determined to join in with the fun and ignore any dramas, Jodie is going to make the most of this time with her mum and daughter and of the potential to see their name in lights… or really small writing on the credits page.

But right on cue, the company’s caterer is sabotaged and Jodie must step up. As other small accidents begin to happen, it becomes clear that the filming is being sabotaged. With actors behaving out of character and the house literally being brought down, breaking a leg is the least of their worries.

Can Jodie save the day once again, or will it be their final curtain call?


A Sprinkle Of Sabotage was a nice, enjoyable, easy read. 

I was so immersed in the plot I’ve accidentally solved the mystery before our heroine does, but it was very well written that I’ve only understood why it happened when the author was ready to tell it. 

A movie crew descends on the small cornish town of Penstowan, eliciting an excited buzz among the villagers who sign up as extras. That’s the reason why Jodie finds herself on set when some minor accidents happen, making her cop intuition tinkles. Is the movie cursed for real like many actors think or is there a criminal plan behind these incidents? Don’t worry, Jodie will help the always charming DCI Withers to find out.

I really like the character of Jodie, she is a mess, she has a lot on her plate, being a single mother, trying to make her new caterer company profitable, taking care of her mum plus making sense of her feelings for two men, however she never miss the opportunity to be nosey and to help the police with new cases.

I really wish to read many more adventures in this series because these characters easily became like friends to me and I dont’t want to say goodbye.


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