Spare Me the Drama by Karen Tomsovic

Release Date: 11.11.2015


Love a good soap opera?
Then tune in to Spare Me the Drama
Humor and heart come together in this contemporary love story about second chances and family life...

When widowed father of eight Martin Leon remembers that he forgot to invite an important guest to a birthday party for one of the kids, who can blame him? Since his wife’s death, he’s struggled to juggle the demands of a large family with the equally demanding job as head writer of the daytime soap opera he and Jeanie once co-wrote together but which he must now pen alone in the face of a dwindling audience, an executive producer only too happy to alter the course of his stories at her slightest whim, and a nagging case of writer’s block.

Roxanne Hunter parlayed her sexy role on After the Loving into a lucrative, luxury-bedding business years ago and didn’t look back. Just when she was on the brink of having it all, the universe pulled the rug out from under her, leaving her to nurse a devastating double loss of her own.

Accepting Martin’s last-minute invitation, Roxanne decides it’s the perfect getaway to take her mind off her lonely life. All she wants is to fulfill a promise she once made to Martin’s sister and find out how he and his brood are coping with grief. Though Martin may wake up one of these days ready for a woman again, Roxanne has no intention of reliving the days of her youthful, secret crush on him.

But the females in Martin’s family have other plans. Startled by the revelation that she is as much a stray as anyone else Martin has taken into his household, Roxanne nevertheless allows herself to be enfolded into the embrace of family life and a romance with him.
Can she fulfill her promise to get through fate together, or will the universe – and the past – pull the rug out from under her one more time, just as she’s about to get the happy ending she always wanted but never dared dream she’d have?

Readers of funny, feel-good women's fiction will want to grab this witty but tender, literate romance of a widowed single father and the sexy femme fatale who brings him back to life.

Fans of young adult characters also will enjoy the viewpoint of the hero's teenage daughters on his new-found love...


Spare Me The Drama was a good start for a promising debut author.

Karen Tomsovic made a great job writing a story with so many characters keeping it interesting and fluid.I really can't wait to read more books written by this author.

This was such a sweet story with a veil of sadness and melancholy that I've really appreciated because made it even more real.

Martin,our Hero,is not in the best place of his life.Losing her beloved wife left him with a huge hole i the chest,an author's block and 8 kids to take care.Fortunately when he met his old friend,Roxanne,he understands he can't spend the rest of his life pining after a ghost and he tries to start to live again going beyond his fears.


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