New Balls Please by Andie M. Long

Release Date: 05.03.2016


Dora Evans is annoyed that her family are ignoring her while she’s in bed ill. To teach them what life would be like without her she absconds on a weeks break to learn how to play tennis. Partner Tim has had enough of Dora’s behaviour and to the surprise of daughter Camille and son Tyler, refuses to bring her home.

As the week goes on and tempers settle, Dora decides to read up on being a more submissive housewife and how to allow Tim to make the choices. In the meantime, Tim reads Dora’s Alpha books to see what her ideal man would be.
When Tim does collect his wife the Alpha meets the Submissive woman. Will they continue to make a great team or is this match about to end?

One way or another Tim’s going to need New Balls Please.


This third novella in the Balls Series is so much funny.I've had a very good time reading it.

If you have read the previous books in the series you already know that Dora sometimes is a nutjob but what makes this story hilarious is to see and adult and all grown up man turning into an alpha mode to give his other half a good spank.

"I used to call my other half Dora the Explorer because her hand was always down my trousers fondling my meat and two veg." 

I can't wait to read more about these characters...give me more BALLS please.


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