Balls Fore! by Andie M. Long

Release Date: 06.07.2016


Single mum Beth Woods is finally feeling settled. Her small business, making children’s chocolate bars is growing quickly, rather like Trey, her three year old son. What she doesn’t need right now is another man in her life.

But fate will always smack a girl upside the head and Trey’s father, Golf Instructor, Leo Coleman returns to upset her carefully ordered life. While she struggles with his reappearance, the Turner family decide to help. While Tim and Tyler Turner are sent to have lessons in golf, best friend Camille and her mum Dora will make sure Beth gets lessons in love.


I'm really sad because this is the last book in this series D:
I can't believe it...Andie M. Long made me an addicted I need more Balls...

This story is slightly different from the others in the series,there are funny moments but here you can feel a stronger plot that makes this novella even more enjoyable.

I've loved these characters since the beginning but the hot Daddy stole my heart in the end.


I make my excuses to the guy I’ve been talking to and restlessly shake his hand. My mind has already left him and my body wants to follow. Then I make my way towards Dora. She invited me here. Was she aware of this? Was this some kind of fucked-up set-up? On my way over, I accidentally crash into a chair, knocking it over. I apologise to the family seated there. As I continue on my way, Dora’s daughter, the owner of the play centre, eyes me warily. Well, she certainly knows. She stalks towards me, intercepts me.

‘You need to be gentle with Beth. She’s not had it easy.’

I snigger. Is she for real? My laugh isn’t quiet, so her parents turn around. They turn back to each other. I observe their mouths moving. Words. Wondering what’s happening.
I undo the first button on my shirt, feeling like I’m being strangled. Perhaps I need air? ‘I find out I have a son. I’ve missed out on three years of his life and you say she’s not had it easy.’

‘She had her reasons. Just give her time to explain. That’s all I’m asking.’

‘Well, thanks for your concern for your lying, dishonest friend. I’m seeing her later. We’ll discover what those reasons were. If I don’t like what I hear, I’ll be using my solicitor.’

Dora comes and stands alongside her daughter. She places an arm on her daughter’s shoulder. ‘What’s going on, Cam? Who needs a solicitor?’

‘Mum. It’s complicated. Leo is Trey’s father.’

‘Yeah, I worked that one out when I saw Beth go whiter than my legs are in December.’
She crosses her arms and fixes me with a stare. ‘Beth’s like a niece to me. She’s raised your son magnificently. Now yes, she’s not told you about your son for whatever reason, but it must be a good one because she’s an amazing woman. I hear you threaten her with a solicitor again and I’ll swing one of your own golf clubs at your kneecaps. Do you understand me?’

I step back in shock. The lovely woman who got me to come here has been replaced by a Rottweiler. I swear there’s foam in her mouth.


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