Where She Is by L. M. Cappello

Release Date: 07.15.2016


The breakdown of any relationship can be devastating. For me, it’s life changing. 

My name is Hannah May, and I’m leaving London and everyone I love in pursuit of something more. 
A major job opportunity has landed on my lap. The timing couldn’t be better, and the location means a fresh start in a new country. Australia.
My flight to the other side of the world is made with just one promise to myself.
This journey is about me. 
My life, my career, my heart. 
Never again will I fall so quickly…

I have demons to fight. Losing my wife in the way I did, is just one of them.
My name is Daniel Grant, Executive Director at one of Australia’s biggest construction companies and the gossip columns favourite piece of meat. 
I’ve made so many mistakes, more than I care to admit. 
The next woman I let into my life will be the right one. 
The next woman will be Hannah May.


I've enjoyed this debut novel and I hope to read more stories written by this author in the future.

The author delivered a very good story,hot,emotional and suspenseful,that keeps the readers on their toes throughout the book.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that the story takes place in Australia,precisely in Sydney.I really like to discover new places while reading.

Hannah and Daniel's journey is not too easy due to their own past histories that have left our heroine having trust issues and our hero with some nasty secrets and a pretty long line of one night stand,but their chemistry is undeniable since their first encounter.
I'm so glad I got to witness their growth as persons and as a couple page after page.


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