Thirty Happens by Elizabeth Butts

Release Date: 08.30.2016


Turning thirty is a big deal.

Getting married is also a big deal.

Karyn’s about to do both, and she’s freaking out about it. From the outside looking in, anyone would think she’s got it all going on. Amazing fiancé who adores her, job as the top reporter in town, amazing group of friends… seriously, the list goes on and on.

But, Karyn had dreams as a kid. She had these amazing, huge goals. She was so close to achieving them, too.

However, like life has a tendency to do, it took a detour.

And now she’s turning thirty, and getting married, and it turns out that she is nowhere near where she thought she would be at this point in her life.

So now, she is turning thirty, and getting married, and asking herself the question: ‘If I could go back and change direction… would I?’ Would she willingly change everything if only to have a chance at making her original dreams come true?


This was a good story. It's easy to read,most of it is funny but I've even shared some tears,relatable and thought provoking.

I can easily understand Karyn's pre-30 crisis. That's a point in everyone's life where we do an analysis of our experiences to see where we are heading and if we have achieved the goals we have set years before.
I liked Karyn since the beginning but I've also appreciated all the supporting characters and I hope to read more about them in the future. 

I've really enjoyed Elizabeth Butts flowing writing and how she developped the plot.I was so caught up in the story that I've inhaled it.


“Nothing. I have nothing.”

Ashley pointedly looked around my room where I had a pile of clothes on the bed, clothes in the closet and in the dresser as well.

“Yeah, I can see you’re totally suffering. I should contact the local churches that you are in dire need and that a clothing drive needs to be coordinated as soon as possible.”

“Shut up.”

I reached for the first thing my fingers touched and threw it at her.

“Ewwwwww, ohmigawd. You just threw your thong undies at me? Seriously? What kind of sick and twisted bitch are you?”

She flung them off of her and then pretended to retch. At least I thought she was pretending.
I went and picked up my Victoria’s Secret knock offs and dangled them over her head.

“C’mon Ash, I thought you were my best friend. Don’t you want my panties on you?”
She shrieked like a little girl. The sound shocked me at first, and then hysteria set in.

“Seriously. You have issues.”

“Ain’t that the truth.”

We sat on the floor with our backs to the foot of our bed, surrounded by clothing.

“Tell me about this guy again.”

“Okay, well, he’s a teensy bit older than me. Not like crypt keeper old, but like, distinguished, sophisticated older. He has some silver in his hair and eye crinkles, but I don’t see liver spots and a walker in his near future.”

“Dude, you want to marry grandpa?”

“Ugh, no. Seriously, Ash. There’s just something about him.”

“What’s his name, again?”

“Chris. Chris Smyth.”
Her eyes bugged out at this.

“You’re dating Chris Smyth?” Her voice had gotten really low, almost a reverent whisper.
“Uh, well, I’m going on a date with him. We’ll see where it goes from there.”

I knew where I wanted it to go from there. I wouldn’t let that happen on the first date, though. I mean, only nasty chicks let that happen on the first date, right? I started chewing on my lower lip.

I could be nasty.

“So how do you know Chris?”

I was interested in knowing if she was going to be some form of competition.

She rolled her eyes at me.

“Karyn, everyone in town knows Chris. We all pretty much voted for him.”

“You what?”

“Do you know anything about him? Anything at all?”

“Well, I know he owns businesses, plural, and owns commercial properties that he leases to smaller businesses.”

“And he’s a town selectman.”

I just stared at her, unblinking.

“Like as in a politician. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure he’s one of the best we have, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the head of it all at some point. Everyone loves him.”

“Great. Just great. I find a guy who actually really interests me, like, one that I felt a freaking jolt over and he’s a freaking town celebrity. I mean, he’s not married, he’s sexy as hell. Why did he have to be a damn politician? I even text broke up with Ryan over this.”


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