A Perfect Plan by Alyssa Drake

Release Date: 05.20.2016


Samantha Hastings lived a quiet, peaceful life on her family’s country estate. With no man to order her around and no stifling society rules to follow, she considered herself blessed. However, when her brother’s ship sinks during a short trip to France, Samantha receives a request from her sister-in-law to return to town and manage the late Earl’s finances. Suddenly thrust into society, Samantha faces an unfamiliar world and a pair of very familiar green eyes.

Lord Benjamin Westwood never intended on following through with his rash promise to his best friend. Now, with Edward’s death, Benjamin becomes the unwilling guardian to Edward’s bratty little sister, who has grown up considerably since the last time they met. His intention to marry her off to the first available suitor is thwarted when he finds himself falling for Samantha’s unique demeanor. He lights upon the perfect plan; a marriage of convenience, giving him the opportunity to romance Samantha without distraction.

However, when they discover Edward’s disappearance was due to foul play, Benjamin’s perfect plan begins to quickly unravel. Now, Samantha is in more danger than either of them realized and Benjamin is running out of time.


It was a long time I didn't pick an historical romance and A Perfect Plan was great to break the ice and reminding me why I used to love this genre so much.

I instantly liked the characters,even the supporting ones are necessary to the development of the story.
You cannot not to love Samantha,she is not a common heiress,she is witty,smart and a little wild.She will cause some funny troubles for her charming guardian.

This was a good debut novel,the writing is really good and the plot is engaging.

I plan to continue to read this series to discover the truth and solve the puzzle.
I hope Alyssa Drake will release the next book soon.


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