Tortured Skye by Gwyn McNamee

Release Date: 03.30.2017


Falling in love with Gabe Anderson was as easy as breathing. Fighting my feelings for my brother’s best friend was agonizingly hard. I never imagined giving in to my desire for him would cause such a destructive ripple effect. That kiss was my grasp at a lifeline—something, anything to hold me steady in my crumbling life. Now, I have to suffer with the fallout while trying to convince him it’s all worth the consequences.

Guilt overwhelms me—over what I’ve done, the lives I’ve taken, and more than anything, over my feelings for Skye Hawke. Craving my best friend’s little sister is insanely self-destructive. It never should have happened, but since the moment she kissed me, I haven’t been able to get her out of my mind. If I take what I want, I risk losing everything. If I don’t, I’ll lose her and a piece of myself. The raging storm threatening to rain down on the city is nothing compared to the one that will come from my decision.

Love can be torture, but sometimes, love is the only thing that can save you.


Tortured Skye gave me all the feels and also the hots.

Gwyn McNamee writing is exceptionally good,the plot sucks you in from the first chapter and keeps you fully engrossed until the last page.

Gabe and Skye's journey was a roller coaster of emotions,it is not so easy when you're attracted by your best friend's little sister.
If you've met Gabe in the first book of the series I'm sure you already love and appreciate him,Skye on the other hand will surprise you showing for the first time her mind and heart.

I need next book in the series like yesterday...I'm so curious about Stone's story.


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