Playing by the Rules by Rosa Temple

Release Date: 02.15.2017


On the 3rd of August, I died. Well, not literally, but it felt like my life was over. Melodramatic? Me? Just a teensy bit…

When workshy socialite Magenta Bright learns that inheritance comes with one horrific condition, she mentally kisses goodbye to the money. Get a job and keep it for a year? Not likely.

Naïve CEO Anthony Shearman is persuaded to hire her as his PA, and Magenta decides to stick it out, if only because of her sexy boss. But between the bitchy receptionist, Anthony’s beautiful fiancée and not having a clue how to be a career girl, Magenta barely makes it to the end of her first day.

So, just 364 to go then…


This was a good and enjoyable read.

I've loved to see our heroine growth as a person and as a worker.
Magenta's journey from wild animal party to smart and dedicated PR kept my attention throughout the whole book...I won't unveil too much of the plot to not risk to ruin it to you all.

Rosa Temple made an excellent work,mixing up funny and thought provoking scenes,delivering an entertaining story.


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