Playing Her Cards Right by Rosa Temple

Release Date: 08.28.2017


New year. New life. Fresh start.

Newly minted career girl Magenta Bright reluctantly finds herself growing up – she’s now a live-in girlfriend, a successful business owner, and an obsessive desirer of classic leather handbags.

But, fuelled by her creative talent, Magenta doesn’t seem to know when to stop. Between designing and launching a new range of bags, planning her parents’ second wedding, and whisky binges with scary international model and best friend Anya, something’s got to give, and it’s not long before her relationship with shy artist Anthony is in the firing line.

Will handbags lead to heartbreak for the unstoppable Magenta Bright?


I was so glad to see there was more to read about Magnta's life,troubles follow our heroine like bees with honey,but it's a pleasant experience to witness her growth page after page.

Rosa Temple made an art of the perfect mix for lovely rom coms with a touch of thought provoking themes.
I've really enjoyed the first book in the series and this wasn't different...still a win for me and I recommend it.


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