Love Uncovered by Laura Barnard

Release Date: 09.28.2017


Independent woman to her core, Brooke Archer has always been happy to hit it and quit it with the men in her life. But when her beloved Nan suffers from poor health, Brooke realises just how precious life is and decides it’s time to face her daddy issues and seek out her estranged father. Without so much as a name or photo, and a cagey Mum withholding vital information, it’s going to be no easy task. 

Nicholas Parker is a relationship guy and always has been. Abandoned by his mum when he was seven he craves love and security. But finding a woman who can conquer his trust issues is no easy feat. Brooke is exactly the kind of woman he doesn’t need.

Pulled together by some invisible force, can Brooke and Nicholas overcome their differences to uncover true love? 


Love Uncovered was a nice,quick read but there are also some sad past stories that still affect our main characters bringing some tears to the readers' eyes.I've enjoyed every facet of this story.

Brooke,our heroine,didn't find atractive the taciturn Nicholas the first time they met but now after a little time she can't ignore their over the top sexual tension and she can't run away from him anymore.
You can see their bond growing page after page and see that they are perfect for each cannot not to wish a happy ending for them.


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