Pot Love by Sylvia Ashby

Release Date: 11.23.2013


Ashley Burkе, a twenty-six years old International News presenter at an obscure regional channel, is your average next-door girl. She lives with her boyfriend, loves her work and secretly fancies her boss.

When Ashley loses it all through no fault of her own, well, apart from snogging her boss at the office Christmas party and getting caught by his fiancée, she needs to act fast to find a new job before rumours spread that she’s been fired. A lucrative vacancy comes her way – hosting a small spot in a popular day-time TV programme – but there is a catch. The job is a cookery spot and Ashley can’t cook to save her life. 

Her winding roads take her from Chichester, to London and all the way to Sardinia, to find her way back to what she has lost. But not without breaking a few eggs along the way and taking а few falls. 

Can learning to cook burn your heart? Is change inherently bad or can it bring happiness too? And can you befriend people and things you have a grudge with, in order to carry on?


Pot Love is a funny,sweet and enjoyable read...it was a page turner for me I was so curious I've finished it in a day.

I liked to follow our heroine,Ashley,through the ups and downs of her personal and working life and to see her growing page after page becoming a happier person full of passion for whatever she does.

I don't know why I've waited so much to read this book but now I can't wait to start the second installement of this series.


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