Viper by Alyson Santos

Release Date: 10.03.2017


It’s not easy being the bad guy. 

Yeah, that’s a lie. It’s pretty damn simple. You act and you own it. You sell your soul to protect those you love and screw the rest.

It’s the restraint that’s hard. The demons that poke at your trigger, burn in your gut—just waiting for a second of freedom to unleash the fire in your soul. Call me a villain. Call me whatever helps you sleep at night and feel good about the black and white of love. But watch your back because I don’t care. Until I do. 

And then I implode.


This is the third book in this series and the third novel I've read written by Alyson Santos and I can assure you she has an amazing way to put words on a page and create a beautiful, raw and compelling story.

I loved and suffered along with the main characters reading their journey.They are both suffering,they are tired to fight and they are trying to hide from the World.Wes escaping into the alcohol and the women,Hannah becoming invisible but they know each other too well to let the other be alone and implode.

"Her darkness is mine
Desperate to hide,
In the lie of
Breathing hard.
Igniting skin, she sins in the
betrayal of lust
She just, needs a sign that
she's alive and
Free to fly." 

People will tell you tha Wes is the villain but to me he is a real life Hero.

"I want a burning,bloody heart I can own." 

When I turned Viper's last page I thought that we don't have to be perfect at all the time but we have to find always the strength to go on and overcome our dark moments,because there is so much beauty around us and we can't miss it.


I wake to pounding blood, excruciating pleasure. A wet dream? No, hot pressure controls my body. Dissolves me into my mattress. Oh god. My groan is cut off with a tongue, determined lips. Fingers push down my hips and clench. 

“What are you doing?” I gasp. I’m her friend. I need to stop this. I… ah. 

“Just this one time, I promise,” she breathes. I feel her nakedness. She didn’t invade my sleep to negotiate. 

“Hannah, come on. You’re upset, you—” 

“Now’s your chance to say no. Tell me to leave.” 

She’s doing everything in her power to make sure I don’t. 

My body is trained for this. My brain, not so much. When her mouth attacks me again, reason loses the rest of its weak protests. Some distant siren screams through the background. Regret. Guilt. Pain. But not yet. Tomorrow’s poison. Right now it’s skin and heat and pulsating need as she slides over me. 

“What about…” 

“Here. Found this. Your place is stocked.” I barely hear the tear of packaging. “Damn, Wes. Are you always ready?” 

I know, worst time for irony, but there’s a definite smirk before she consumes me again. Hard this time. Deeper, her own moans make me crazy. 

“I want you to own me like the others,” she gasps, and that siren screams, radiates through every cell corrupted in ecstasy. 

“You’re not the others, Han. You’re…” There are no dirty words. There are no words at all for this. Just. Her. Hannah Drake. The only woman in the world I should not be fucking.


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