Say You Need Me by Carrie Lomax

Release Date: 03.17.2018


She’s hit rock bottom…in Las Vegas. 
Janelle Carlisle thought signing up to be a sugar baby would be a great way to pay down her student loans and prove she’s finally over her last boyfriend—two birds, one stone. But it all goes cockeyed. Now she’s sharing an undersized hotel room with one drool-worthy, ex-Army, IT security consultant, at least until she can get her ID back from the sugar daddy and her ass onto a plane back to Florida. She’s in no rush, though, if it means accomplishing at least one of her goals... 

He’s worth the gamble. 
Despite her smart mouth and stupid plan, Trent Mason can tell that Janelle’s a good girl. She’s told him so. Repeatedly. But she’s not very convincing, coming onto him with a boldness he’d have expected from his last girlfriend, an adult film star. Trent’s determined to hide his past as a pro poker player and accidental porn actor, but he’ll tell Janelle the truth if it means scaring her off. 

It doesn’t. He’s not sorry about what happens next. 

Win big or go home. 
Trent has no intention of getting involved. Janelle’s not going away. Her new career puts them on a collision course with Trent’s past. He once gambled and lost everything—no way is he going all in on Janelle. Someone’s going to lose big—unless they can hit the jackpot together. 


Say You Need Me was a steamy,emotional read.
Carrie Lomax easily cought my attention with her writing skills.I like how her story and main characters develop page after page keeping me interested and involved.

I was curious to read this story and I wasn't disappointed.Janelle and Trent aren't two-dimensional characters,they are complicated.
The attraction between Janelle and Trent is palpable from their first encounter but their journey is not as easy as to give in to the sex pleasure. I was so glad to follow their personal and professional growth.


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