As I Am by Melissa Collins

Release Date: 04.25.2018


Chase Hansen. Broke. College drop out. Male stripper.
My life wasn’t at all what I imagined it would be. I should have been finishing up college, interning with a well-respected business, partying with my friends. But instead, I was raising my seventeen year old brother, struggling to make ends meet. Love wasn’t even on my radar. Besides, what did I have to offer? A few crumpled singles pulled from my G-string? Defeated and exhausted, I knew I had zero chance of finding someone to love me just as I am.
Noah Carpenter. Angry. Betrayed. Doctor.
Just when I thought my life was going exactly as it should, everything turned upside down. With my final rotation in medical school complete, I finally achieved my lifelong dream of becoming a doctor. What I never expected was to catch the man of my dreams in our bed with the man of his. Beyond infuriated, I struggled to piece together the remnants of my life. Just when I’d decided to give up on love altogether, I found a man who loved me just as I am.


As I am was a nice,spicy and a little emotional read.
For me it's another Melissa Collins' success,I've really appreciated this extended version of her previous short story.

Noah and Chase are so different from each other,a doctor the first and a stripper the latter,but at the same time they are both insecure.Their sexual relationship is ardent, lustful and passionate, and it helps them to grow and to overcome their issues.

The supporting characters are also important because they help those two hardheaded men to see the truth in more than one occasion.


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