Nerdgasm by Kimberly Reese

Release Date: 06.28.2018


nerdgasm (noun): an emotional climax at the peak of intense (sometimes sexual) excitement, characterized by a deep attraction to nerdy things and/or people.

My stutter makes it easy to become the center of attention for all the wrong reasons, so I try hard to stay out of the spotlight.

But when Addison Mitchell breezes into the class I TA for, she turns my world upside down, shaking me out of my comfort zone.

Confident and bold, her wandering hands set my body on fire.

She sees the real me, and she’s still interested.

I’m completely out of my element, yet I’ve never felt more alive.

Fingers crossed we're not a one-off fling.

I have a lot to learn, but I’m willing to make this work.

I’m going to give her more than a nerdgasm.

I’m going to give her my heart. 


Nerdgasm was a really good story,cute,sweet,lighthearted and easy to read.

The main characters can't be more different,while our heroine is an outgoing and dynamic girl, our hero is nerdy and shy.She is a student and he is her teacher TA but that won't stop them.
I liked the instantaneous chemistry between Theo and Addy but I have appreciated even more how their relationship develops step-by-step in a more realistic way.

This was the first time I've read this author but I can't wait for more books in this series,there are a couple of characters I want to know better.


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