Scripted Love by Karen Frances

Release Date: 06.29.2018


Do happy-ever-afters exist outside of a movie script?

For Scottish actress Ella McGregor, this was a serious question. Left broken-hearted by a betrayal of trust, she is determined to pick up the pieces and move forward with her life. The problem is, her ex, Donovan Bell didn’t get the memo about her plans.

Connor Andrews is a man in love, and he wants the whole world to know. The problem with declarations is that they have consequences that place him right in the spotlight, and a long-held secret threatens to rip his idyllic life apart.

In this stunning conclusion to Ella and Connor’s story, can their love survive the challenges they face? Strap yourself in and find out if life is better when you go off script.


I've enjoyed this book as much as the first one.
I was really glad to read this as soon as I've finished Scripted Reality,I didn't have to wait in order to know more about these characters and their future.

Ella's ex boyfriend and agent has finally showed himself and his vicious plan to hinder her new relationship with the fellow scottish actor Connor Andrews and to make her life miserable.
I grew so attached to the main characters I couldn't not to root for them,to be happy for their successes and to shed few tears when they felt hopeless.

This duet is worth reading,Karen Frances made a great job creating this perfect couple and telling their story.


Love is waking up with a smile on your face because the first thought of the day is about that special someone who makes your heart all warm and fuzzy. Love is closing your eyes at night, smiling as you drift off to sleep with the same thoughts that you started the day with.

Love is the undeniable ache in your chest when you aren’t around your someone special. Love is so hard to describe, but when you have it in your life, you find yourself grinning from ear to ear. It’s all the silly things you take for granted, like his hand in yours, or his arms wrapped tightly around you as you lie securely, snuggling into his arms. Seeing his face with that perfect white smile when you open your eyes in the morning light. The strength he gives you when he’s around.

You don’t have a choice in who you fall in love with. It happens when you least expect it. Well, that’s what happened in my case.

I wasn’t looking for love

Love found me.

“I love him,” I say softly, and the smile that comes to my lips is easy as I think about my feelings for him.


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