Jump Shot by Sierra Hill

Release Date: 03.04.2019


Some lies are meant to deceive. Others to protect.
I’ve kept my secrets hidden only to protect the one girl I love the most – Mica Reyes. The one I want as more than just a friend. 

But lies have a way of sabotaging your life and all they’ve done is pushed her away. Even when all I want to do is hold onto her for dear life. 

Maybe I need to take a step back and let her go – like a fadeaway jump shot – before I hurt her and possibly destroy our love in the process.

*This book covers sensitive subjects such as drug and alcohol addiction, recovery and racism.


I've read all the books of this series in a week and I've enjoyed every single one of them but Jump Shot is definitely my favourite.
My heart broke for these characters and I've cried more than once before the end but this is an unfogerttable journey.

Lance and Mica are friends with a serious attraction for each other.Mica came from an hispanic immigrant family and she feels the weight of the prejudices,and Lance seems like your typical college jocks,all fun and hook ups,but he hides some pretty dark secrets behind this "life of the party" persona.
Will Lance face his demons?Will they break down each other defenses in order to fall in love?You need to read this novel to find out.

I'm sad now that I've finished this series,I'll miss these characters and I'd like to read another little epilogue for all of them to see how their happy endings are going on.


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