The Rebound by Sierra Hill

Release Date: 03.04.2019


There are times I wish I was someone other than the shy, geeky, college virgin that I am. 

I also wish that my crush on Van Gerard wasn’t one sided and that he looked at me as something other than his best friend’s little sister. 

But he’s firmly drawn the line in the friendship territory, even though there are times I think he might feel the same way about me. But then I remember that Van has a long-time girlfriend and we’re strictly in the friend zone. 

But I want more.

So, when Van’s life is tur
ned upside down, I’m there to comfort him. To break his fall. I’m his shoulder to cry on. 

Even if he only considers me a rebound.


I loved this story,the main characters are so perfect for each other. 

Kylah is a beautiful,shy,geeky girl.Van is a nice,affectionate guy who plays basketball with her big brother.
They met at her brother's apartment and they immediately are comfortable in each other's company,they starts a beautiful friendship that cannot be something more because Van has a girlfriend.
Will they let their love blossom?? Will her brother approve their relationship??
I recommend to read this book to find out.

I assure you that the love triangle is really mild but there is the risk to find a rebound fling.


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