The Disgraceful Lord Gray by Virginia Heath

Release Date: 04.01.2019


A spy on a mission…Until he meets this heiress!

Miss Theodora Cranford’s learned to keep her impetuous nature locked away.
She won’t be deceived by another man who can’t see past her fortune.
She wants an honorable, sensible sort—not a self-assured scoundrel like her new neighbor, Lord Gray. 
Although she’s sure there’s more to him than meets the eye… But after that first captivating kiss, she’s certainly left wanting more!


The Disgraceful Lord Gray is the third book in The King's Elite series but I've enjoed it even if I haven't read the previous ones.
This story was nice,sweet and romantic with a hint of mistery that kept me glued to my reader from start to end.

I loved the main characters,Thea and Gray.They seem perfect for each other since their first encounter,her fiery hair that really match her personality and his unequivocal charme make the air that surrounds them really really hot.
Their journey was more exciting than the roller coaster and I don't want to give you any spoiler and risking to ruin it for you so I recommend to start to read it as soon as possible.

This was the first time I've read a Virginia Heath novel and it was such a pleasure to follow Lord Gray,his dog Trefor, and Miss Cranford's dynamics.
I'm definitely going to catch up her other works.


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