Deflected by Jami Davenport

Release Date: 05.23.2019


Alexander “Rush” Markov has been given an ultimatum by his team—shape up or ship out. 

Alex is celebrating his biggest season in professional hockey, and he’s enjoying every minute of it—perhaps a little too much. He’s been non-stop partying like a rockstar since his team won it all, and management isn’t pleased. Next thing Alex knows, he’s been exiled to a remote island with orders to lay low, stay out of trouble, and avoid one-night stands. 

Rosalind Newcomb is the quintessential good girl, and she’s fine with her role. Sure, she gets lonely and wishes for a special someone, but the choices on Madrona island are slim to none. When a panty-melting mystery man disrupts the peace and quiet in her bookstore, it’s dislike at first sight. The infuriating man turns her ordered life upside down and inside out and has her thinking about hot summer nights and tangled sheets. Only Alex isn’t who she thinks he is, and love isn’t all hearts and roses. 

As Alex battles who he pretends to be and who he really is, he also resists falling in love for the first time in his life. His intense feelings have him ready to bolt, and only he can decide if love is worth fighting for.


I have enjoyed this book so so much. 
I liked the enemies to lovers plot and the main characters banters were entertaining.

Alex and Rosalind story is really nice, a famous hockey player with a melting panties smile the first and a lovely bookstore owner the latter. They didn't start their relationship with the right foot, hating each other on the spot.Fortunately Madrona Island is not so big and they keep meeting each other and little by little they grow and start to know and understand each other better.
Will Alex forget his wild party days in order to start a committed relationship?Will Rosalind stop planning her life and trust herself enough to take the right decision and live outside her box?

Jami Davenport is one of my favourite sports romance author and Deflected is another good read for me.


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