Surviving the Storm by Rachael Brownell

Release Date: 05.07.2019


When love turns to hate and you’re not sure who you can trust to help you escape alive… 


In this life. This sham of a marriage.

All I wanted was to be noticed. When he walked into the bar that night and our eyes connected, the world around me disappeared. He was sexy, exuded confidence and wealth and was kind to me.

That’s why I fell for every word that slipped pasts his lips. Every promise. Every sinfully sweet compliment. And every lie.

And I fell hard. 

He was a Senator. A man of power. A man who took control of what he wanted. No one said no to him. No one questioned him. And I fell in love fast - with him and the life he promised to provide. 

So here I am. Married to one of the most powerful men in the state of Texas and there’s no way out. 

I tried to leave once and he swore he would kill me if I ever tried again. But if I stay… I have a feeling he might do it anyway.


Surviving the Storm starts exactly where the previous book ended and like the first it is addictive with so many twists and turns until we finally discover the thruth. 

I throughly loved the heroine, Amelia,she's described so well I felt for her deep in my soul. I really wished she could survive every hitch in her life in order to find her well deserved happiness.

Pick up this series and read it in one breath like I did, you'll never regret to put your life on hold for this story.


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