All I Know by Tamara Lush

Release Date: 06.12.2019


From the author of Constant Craving comes a hilarious story about a woman who feels obligated to care for everyone, a sexy Marine who wants to make his first love his forever bride, and a fake wedding proposal that changes everything.

Kate Cooper has come home to Paradise Beach to help her mom recover from surgery. After all, who else is going to run the family's tiki bar? A few months on a Florida island won't hurt, even if her memories might.

Then Damien Hastings, her high school crush, walks into the bar one night. He's stunning. Intense. Way more muscular than when they were in high school. And can't take his eyes off Kate.

When Damien finds out Kate needs health insurance, he does what any gentleman would: ask her to marry him. He's going to Syria for a year as a military contractor, and he's loved her for years. It's the least he can do. 

They didn't return to fall in love. They didn't expect to have the best sex of their lives. They didn't plan on a farting dog or a fake engagement. But strange and wonderful things happen on Paradise Beach...


This was a short quick read.
I like the second chance at love theme but All I know is more the confirmation that the main characters never stopped to want explore their attraction and to confirm the chemistry between them even if they didn't see each other in a long time.

Kate is back to Paradise Beach to help her mom with chemo and doctor appointments and her beach bar.Damien is back to Paradise Beach for three months before his work as a security contractor brings him to Syria.
They meet one night at the end of Kate shift at her mum tiki bar and in a few minutes after a few words the attraction sparks and they start an easy relationship but their happy days are numbered.Will their feelings be stronger than the distance?Or their relationship will be soon only a memories?

I liked to follow these characters journey and when I reached the last page I wished there was something be sure I'll keep reading this series in order to know more ofthe other characters and to also have a glimpse of Kate and Damien's future.


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