The Art of Holding On by Beth Ann Burgoon

Release Date: 01.24.2020


Life happens, whether you’re ready or not. All you can do is hold on and go along for the ride.

That’s the motto Hadley Jones lives by, and for good reason. Most of the women in her family have repeated the same pattern. Single motherhood. Working two jobs just to scrape by. For Hadley, wanting more is not an option.

Which is why her friendship with Sam Constable was doomed before it even began. He was sweet, popular, and destined for great things outside their small town. But when he risked one kiss, and told her he loved her, Hadley refused to believe they could ever stand a chance. Hurt and angry, Sam moved to his father’s place in Los Angeles, leaving Hadley alone.

Now, a year has passed. Sam is back and more determined than ever to convince Hadley they’re meant to be. But Hadley can’t forget how Sam deserted her. And when Sam learns of the mistake she made while he was gone, she’ll have to decide whether to let him go again, or finally take a stand and fight for the future—and the boy—she wants with all her heart.


I've finished The Art of Holding On during the night and before my alarm went off I had already cried my eyes out because this story gave me all the feels,I felt it into my bones and heart.

Hadley and Sam come from worlds apart,she lives at the trailer park with her older sisters and he lives in a big home with his mom,brothers and step-dad. Hadley thinks their friendship is doomed since the beginning but Sam stubborness will let her see that they could be the best of friends and maybe something more, he makes her dream a different future but the most important thing he makes her feeling loved.
I recommend to read this story to follow their tumultuous journey, even if their path is full of bumps and hurdles and their ending could be described as a "new beginning" I'm sure these characters will steal your heart.

This is a YA story and even if I didn't have read a lot of them lately I have really enjoyed it.
I didn't have read anything written by Beth Ann Burgoon but I'm a fan from now on,I liked her writing style,her words and her characters.I don't know if she'll ever write more about Hadley's sisters  but If she does I'm going to buy those books for sure.


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