Agony Auntics by Julie Butterfield

Release Date: 06.19.2020


As an agony aunt, Fliss Carmichael should have all the answers but when her own marriage begins unravelling at the seams, she hasn’t a clue where to start. 

After a simple mistake causes an unintended role swap, she becomes the one seeking advice from an unlikely source!


This was a very good read, the first time I read this author's work and I was really engaged in her story and writing.

There are lots of laugh out loud moments but there's also an heartbreaking episode in the past of one of the characters, so be aware if you have some triggers. This is for the most part a funny,lovely story with a very little part that will make you shed some tears.

Agony Auntics follow the journey of two women who are at different stages of their lives.
Ellie fell in love at first sight with a collegue but she is too shy to go and talk to him so she seeks some advices from a well known agony aunt, Fliss.
Ellie's email reminds Fliss of the beginning of her own relationship with her husband of 18 years. When she replies her the thoughts fly out of her mind and soon she understands that her marriage is changed and it isn't perfect as she and her husband show to their friends and acquaintances.
An unlikely friendship sprang up between our heroines, which continued email after email,advice after advice. Will they help each other to find happiness? Or there is no solution for their love problems? Find it out reading this book as soon as possible.


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