A Good Match For The Major by Josie Bonham

Release Date: 05.05.2020


Pride meets prejudice – can love blossom.

Beautiful young widow, Lady Eliza Wyndham, is determined never to remarry after a disastrous first marriage. The undeniable attraction that fizzes between her and Major Nathaniel Overton terrifies her. She rejects his advances.

With his pride badly dented, Nat vows to forget Eliza until he finds her in danger from an old adversary of his army days. His protective instincts are stirred and he steps back into her life, but will Eliza be prepared to accept his help?


Lady Eliza is a young widow who doesn't want to marry again because her first husband wasn't a good man.
Major Overton just discharged from the army isn't charmed by the easy living of the high society.
Their lives collide, or better their horses almost clash, leaving them without a good opinion of each other but their bodies think very differently, making them feel a strong attraction.
Will they give each other a chance to know better? Or will they leave it at a pretty bad first impression?

A Good Match For The Major was such a nice, intriguing tale that gripped me from the first chapter to the last one, and it kept me on my toes near the end.
I recommend it to all fans of regency stories, slow burn romance and witty bantering.
I'll look forward to Josie Bonham's next novel.


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