Breaking South by Alyson Santos


Release Date: 09.23.2020


Turner Artist Management Urgent Action Item:

✔ Rescue pop princess Genevieve Fox from herself.

When your biggest client loses all faith in her identity, you jump on the problem. When it threatens her iconic career, you drop the details and dig to the heart of the crisis.

So I did—investigate. But what I found was a controversial connection with an injured hockey player that could blow up two industries, not to mention her life. With the entire world watching, is this captivating athlete the cause of her sudden self-doubt? Or is he the only one who can save her from herself?

See, I’m just the manager. The story that follows actually belongs to my client Genevieve Fox and the fearless goalie who refuses to back away from a fight.

Because now that skeptics on both sides have bared their teeth, everyone’s desperate to know:



Breaking South was a very good read.
It was Alyson Santos first attempt to write a music star X hockey player and I can assure you that while reading this novel you don't notice it. She is a faboulous author and I always appreciate her writing, the emotional depth of her characters, the plot never boring.

Genevieve is a pop star, she is famous, she has millions of fan but she feels like a fraud because she always fakes that she loves herself and her life.
Oliver is an amazing hockey player, the rising star of his team, but he had to take a step back after a bad injury that will keep him far from the ice for months.
They meet at a charity event and they connect instantly. Oliver is the first and only person who can see the real Genevieve and he tries to convinve her to do what makes her happy.
Will Genevieve Fox take the jump of her life leaving her career or will she keep live hiding behind her fame?

I highly recommend to read this story and I'm looking forward to grab next book in the series.


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