Didn't Expect You by Claudia Burgoa


Release Date: 09.16.2020


The right life is the one you never see coming.

I had it all. The luxury apartment, hot dates, and the big office to go with long nights at the office.
Life was perfect.
But after a one-night stand, two little lines on a pregnancy test, and three lost legal cases later…
Well, overnight I went from career lawyer to single mom.

It’s okay, I can do it. I’m ready to face this alone until…

Along comes Nathaniel Chadwick. Billionaire adrenaline junky. Everyone’s favorite playboy… and my sister’s brother-in-law.
He’s as hot as he is jaded. When it comes to relationships and family, he’d rather jump off a cliff.
I wrote him off long ago, except since he learned about the baby he’s been by my side.

Is it pregnancy hormones or is there something real happening between us?
I didn’t expect any of this...most of all him.


This is the story of Nyx, a woman and a workaholic, who has already planned out all her life when a day she finds out she is expecting a child from a one night stand and she has to take a break and rearrange everything. Fortunately Nate, a billionaire and an adrenaline-seeker, comes into her life helping her to navigate in this new journey.

I really enjoyed Didn't Expect You, it was a nice and cute read.
I loved Nyx and Nate friendship even if I wanted them to act on their attraction, not only physical but also mental, but the very slow burn really worked for their story.


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