Hot Read: The Originals by Jami Davenport


Release Date: 09.30.2020


The clock’s ticking down, and the hearts of Estelle Harris and Steelheads quarterback Brett Gunnels are about to enter crunch time.

Supposedly undersized for the NFL, quarterback Brett Gunnels went off to do a stint in the US Army right out of high school. Returning damaged yet stronger—and more determined than ever to prove himself—he was the last pick in the draft. Mr. Irrelevant, they called him. But he’s a starter and a winner, no matter his past few years as a backup. Now he’s going to prove it.

Estelle Harris is engaged to a man she doesn’t love, working in the wrong job, and fooling everyone including herself in the process. Her love of animals is the only thing that gives her purpose. As she shares that love with the Steelheads’ reclusive quarterback, and much, much more, it’s only a matter of time until their friendship turns that final, hot corner. There’ll be no going back. True love is like football. It’s not always how long you have the ball. It’s what you do when you get it.


I absolutely adored this book.
I'm so glad Jami Davenport has decided to rerelease this series because for a NFL enthusiastic like me it's such a joy to read a good football romance.

Brett is an ex soldier turned football player, unfortuately he still didn't have found the right time to shine because he is just a quarterback reserve for the Seattle Steelheads. When Tyler Harris, the first-string quarterback, gets injured on the field he finally has the chance to show his worth. Estie is Tyler Harris sister, she's engaged to a guy she met at college who gives her peace of mind because she loves to have her life planned down to the smallest detail.
Brett and Estie are attracted to each other since their first encounter, they have a lot of interests in common, they share a big love for animals that they consider family members and for football. 
Will Estie jeopardize the future she planned in order to know Brett better? Or they are too damaged to get a happily ever after?

If you haven't started this series yet, get on it.


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