Muses & Melodies by Rebecca Yarros


Release Date: 10.06.2020


If I can keep Hush Note’s leading guitarist, Nixon Winters, on the straight and narrow for the next six months, I’ll finally get my own band to manage—assuming we don’t kill each other first.

The egotistical, irritating rock star is fresh out of rehab, but it’s obvious his demons followed him home—and now I’m sleeping down the hall. I’ve watched him self-destruct every summer, and with album deadlines and tour dates looming, I can’t let it happen again. My career is in his hands.

But tattoos can’t cover every scar, and I’m starting to see through his trademark, irresistible charm to the damage beneath.

Everyone wants the rock star.
I’m falling for the man.

If he doesn’t let me in,
he’ll never break the cycle—
And when these six months are up,
I might be the one left broken.


Muses & Melodies is Nixon’s story the third member of the Hush Note band.
We have seen Nix struggling with addiction in the previous books in the series and I was so curious to know and to understand him better in this book.

I loved this story. It was nice, funny, hot and moving. The epilogue was just the sweetest ending that will put a smile on your face and it will mend your broken heart.

Nixon is Hush Note’s guitarist extraordinaire, after he comes back from the rehab he finds out that his friends and collegues won’t leave him alone and unsupervised.
Zoe is the assistant to the band’s manager and he has to be Nixon’s “nanny” for the foresee future.
They have always been attracted to each othet but they never acted on it because their jobs were more important to them.
Will their forced cohabitation drive them mad trying to keep their hands for themselves or will they give in to temptation?

It was a long time since I’ve read a Rebecca Yarros’ novel, I’ve found her writing even more engaging and touching than I remember.

I highly recommend to read this book, it could be as a standalone but if you don’t want to miss anything from the supporting characters’ lives you should start from the beginning with Lies & Lullabies then Rifts And Refrains then ending with Muses & Melodies.


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