A Little Christmas Hope by Kathryn Freeman


Release Date: 10.01.2020


Newly promoted head teacher Anna Dalton needs a Christmas miracle – and fast! After years of sitting through excruciatingly dull Christmas productions, complete with crying children and sleeping parents, she’s determined Riddlescomb Primary School will put on a Nativity to remember. 

Enter bad boy actor Dan Ramsey, recently axed from the lead role in a TV drama and in desperate need of cleaning up his image or he’ll never work again.   

Dan can flash those heart-stopping dimples all he likes, Anna tells herself she isn’t going to fall for them. She knows why he’s decided to volunteer at the school, and it’s for the good of his career…not his soul. 

But as Anna and Dan are forced to work together for the sake of a truly magical Christmas for the children, sparks fly and they can’t help but wonder what will happen once the festive season is over…


As soon as I started to read A Little Christmas Hope it reminded me of a movie with Hugh Grant as main character, he is a big name in the show business who goes to teach in a small college, but the similarities end here.

Dan, our main character, is an actor who was recently axes from his leading role in a famous TV show, he is also father but he doesn’t have a good relationship with his son and his ex wife. Anna is the head teacher in a primary school in a small town near London, she is a widow and a mother of a sweet and lively girl.

Dan with a bad rep on the magazines and no new acting role in sight decided to offer his help with the Christmas play at his ex primary school to clean up his public image, here he meets Anna who accepts his offer.

They feel instantly a strong attraction and a physical chemistry for each other that won’t be easy to ignore in order to avoid rumors that will definitely complicate their lives. Will their relationship stay strictly at work relationship or will it sway in the love territory?

I loved this novel so much, Kathryn Freeman’s writing was easy to read and her words put a smile on my face making me forget about real life troubles.

I adored Anna, how she tries to see the man behind the actor mask since the beginning, and how she helps Dan to mend his relationship with his son.

And Dan he is the perfect hero, swoon worthy, funny and so sweet with the kids. At times I felt bad for him  because a lot of people can’t see his real beauty and they judge him for whatever they see on the outside.

If this year you want to read just one Christmas story I highly recommend you this one. 


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