Snowman by A.C. Netzel


Release Date: 11.12.2020


New York real estate developer, Summer Sloane, was just handed a career-changing assignment… persuade three small business owners in the middle of nowhere to sell their properties to make way for a condo complex. Salivating at a juicy promotion, corner office, and impressing her hard-to-please father, she travels to wintry Arid Falls to dazzle the locals and get their signatures on the dotted line.

Little did she know she was stepping into a living, breathing Christmas town crammed with excessively cheerful, fruitcake-loving, over hair-gelled locals who are a few logs short of an open fire—a place even Hallmark would envy.

Her confidence is shaken when she meets charismatic lumberjerk, Nick Snow—the owner of a bait and tackle shop, guardian of a feisty eight-year-old, and her biggest obstacle.

With advice from her chiropractor-addicted best friend, Val… Summer ignores her growing affection for the town brimming with Christmas crackpots—and her undeniable attraction to the handsome, kindhearted Lumberjerk… who sends naughty tingles in all the wrong places.

Can Summer get her signatures and return home with her heart intact, or will the eccentric Christmas town and the man who gets her blood boiling and pulse racing change her mind?


Summer, is a new yorker, who is trying, after an unlucky attempt at a writer career, to have a better chance as a real estate developer. With the promise to get a promotion and her own angle office she goes to the small town of Arid Falls to get the signature of a front lake house owner. Easy right? Not so easy if the house owner is a stubborn man who has already rejected the company's previous attempts to get his property.
Nick, is the owner of the bait and tackle shop next to his front lake house in Arid Falls. He loves his small town and all its inhabitants so much he won't sell his house to a company intent on change it turning it into an heartless place.
They are attracted to each other at first sight, but they also get on each other nerves because they come from different worlds and they have different intentions. Even if Summer is the "enemy" and Nick is what keeps her promotion only a dream, it seems they can't stay away from each other.
Will they find a common ground and act on their attraction or will they refrain themselves?

"Summer, fate determines who you meet. You determine what you do with that information."

I enjoyed to follow Summer and Nick's journey, they are pole opposites with an extraordinary connection and plenty of chemistry who caught my attention from begin to end.
I really had a great time spending my day with these characters in Arid Falls.

I didn't know A.C. Netzel before I started to read Snowman but I'll be checking other books written by this author because her sweet, and at times very hot, words put a smile on my face and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

This is definitely Hallmark material, if you are looking for a nice, funny winter story set in a festive small town you have to pick up this book.


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