The Pass by Rebecca Jenshak


Release Date: 12.08.2020


I've been in love with her for two years.

The first time around I screwed things up. I hesitated and the moment was gone.

I passed when I shouldn't have.

Not a total loss. I gained a best friend instead of whatever we might have been.

Sydney is hands down the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I'll do anything to keep her in my life. Even bury my feelings deep inside.

But one hot summer together at the lake filled with lots of teeny-tiny bikinis and I'm ready to risk it all for a second chance.

It's time to take my shot.


With the cold weather finally coming it was such a pleasure to read about a funny, crazy and hot Summer at the lake.

Tanner is a basketball and baseball player, he meets Sudney, a volleyball player, at one of the amazing parties at the white house. They easily become friends and even if there is a strong physical attraction between them they decide to not act on their desires because they think the other doesn’t feel the same.
Fast forward two years and their relationship is still strong as the first day making all their friends questioning it, but when they escape to Tanner’s lake house, to spend a relaxing time without thinking about the future before to go back to school for their last year, their real feelings start to show. Are they ready now to accept these feelings and to act on their chemistry risking their friendship?

I loved to follow Tanner and Sydney’s journey because the atmosphere was peaceful without any major drama and it helped to keep the reality away.

The Pass was a lovely friends to lovers story. It definitely was a good addition at the series, it could be read as a stand alone.
Rebecca Jenshak writing is always easy to read and her characters are relatable and lovable so the reader cannot not to cheer for them and their happily ever after.


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