Waiting on the Rain by Claudia Connor


Release Date: 12.31.2020


Being blind doesn’t hold Ava Bennet back in the least. With her work, her shopping, and public transportation within walking distance, she’s totally at home in the big city. But she’s not in the city now. Temporarily back in her small home town to help her father has her struggling in a big way.
Luke Walker is done running from his troubled past. Finally home after years in the military, he’s ready to make amends with his family and set down some roots. But adapting to civilian life is much harder than he ever expected.
She has no intention of sticking around. He has no plans to run again. All they have is one month together. Will it be enough for Luke to prove he’s everything Ava needs—in light, in darkness, and most importantly, even in the rain?  


Waiting On The Rain was such a beautiful and emotional read.

Luke, a retired Army Ranger, came back home to reconnect with his brothers and sister but adapting to the civilian life isn't easy. Ava, an interpreter to the United Nations in New York, is back at home for a while to help his father with the post-operative exercises. Their lives intersect at Luke's little brother's wedding. They seem to be the only two people who stay away from the party, so when the beautiful woman approaches the biscuits table he goes to her to strike a conversation and he finds out she is also funny, witty other than beautiful. Luke and Ava feels immediately comfortable with each other, they have a great chemistry together but they are reluctant to act on their attraction because they come from different worlds and they bring a lot of personal baggage. Will they overcome their past trouble in order to enjoy their relationship?

I've loved to follow Luke and Ava journey, and I've particularly appreciated how the grumpy ranger never made the blind woman feel less capable. Their relationship is unique and sweet and I couldn't not wish them the best for their lives.

Once again Claudia Connor's writing made me deeply feel involved into the story of these characters, her words are never prosaic, they always bring a deep meaning without ruining the story flow.

I hope to read next book in the series soon.


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