A Match for the Rebellious Earl by Lara Temple


Release Date: 01.21.2021


Dashing and disreputable...

Now, he's back in Society's ballrooms!

Whispers of Captain Kit Carrington—now Lord Westford—have long scandalised the ton...so his arrival at the season's most-anticipated ball sends society's gossips into a frenzy!

Miss Genevieve Maitland needs his help to find an eligible match for her sister but assumes he'll be reluctant to help the family that rejected him. Yet after one spine tingling waltz with Kit, sensible Genny finds he's not her opponent—but a very tempting ally...!


A Match For The Rebellious Earl was my first read of the year and my first 5 stars review. This is a story I was waiting for a few months now.
Lara Temple didn't disappoint me telling Captain Kit Carrington story after she showed us briefly in the previous book in the series how amazing he was.

Captain Carrington is back in London to attend his stepsister's wedding, but soon enough he finds out he has to attend also other events to meet the Ton high-society as the new Lord Westford. Genevieve Maitland lives at Lord Westdord Hall to help her sister to overcome her grief for her husband's sudden death and to survive at the old Lady Westford venomous attacks.
Kit and Genny met years earlier when he was serving in Spain under her grandfather's command and he has always appreciated her smart and clever mind but now he also acknowledges her beauty.
They join forces to find new spouses to his stepmother and her sister but being constantly close they uncover a strong attraction for each other. Will they act on it risking a scandal that can ruin his family's reputation? Or will they put their kins happiness before their own.

I absolutely loved the characters, they are pretty unique and intriguing. My favourite is Miss Genny, she is uncharacteristic and unconventional for that time. I adore how strong and selfless she is putting her sister joy before hers, her love for history and curiosity makes us really alike.

"He encouraged me to explore the world and not to let others decide what I was worth. It was the best possible advice."

I highly recommend to read this regency romance, it caught my attention from the first page and I've eagerly read it.


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