Crashing East by Aly Stiles


Release Date: 01.22.2021


He’s the bane of her existence.

She’s the latest thorn in his side.

Until angry sparks hint at a passionate blaze.

Personal Assistant Hadley Crawford was already against her boss’s decision to front a new band with a disgraced ex-rocker. Imagine her surprise when Viv’s new bandmate is also the arrogant jerk from upstairs. So what if he’s talented, hot, and captivating? People resist unhealthy attractions all the time.

What’s the step below rock bottom? That’s where Julian Campbell lives after the collapse of his former band and the death of his sister. A year later, things only get worse when his deadbeat brother-in-law drops off his niece and never comes back. The last thing he needs right now is his nightmare neighbor showing up to thwart his one chance at getting back on his feet.

But things get complicated when painful secrets turn a bitter rivalry into a risky attraction. What if the same fire driving them apart is the only thing strong enough to save them?


Julian is a rockstar in decline, his previous band, Eastern Crush, was invested by a scandal leaving him once again on the ground. He is trying to have a second chance in the music industry starting a new band with the famous Genevieve Fox (now Viv) but when he thinks everything is falling into place he has to learn how to take care of his 11 years old niece. Hadley is Viv's shadow, she is her assistant she follows her everywhere, she organizes her days, so she has to suffer during the band practices with her annoying yet beautiful neighbour Julian. Julian and Hadley didn't have a nice first encounter, they get pissed at each other but they are hot for each other at the same time.
Will opposites attratc once again? Or will they ruin their chances at a relationship having some kind of a hot angry fling?

The author changed her name but I assure you Aly Stiles hasn't lost her touch. She is able to catch my attention at the first chapter, she tortures my heart throughout the book and in the end she leaves me in a comforting and hopeful mood.

Julian and Hadley come from worlds apart, a troubled rockstar the first, the quiet assistant of a star the latter. They are like fire and water, a stormy sea the first a placid lake the latter but you can see they have a strong connection and a healthy chemistry as soon as they lower their inner defenses and they let the other in.

I adored to follow their journey but I liked even more how they build a relationship with the angry kid. Naomi is my favourite character, she is just a kid who has endured so much pain and disappointments that left her angry at world and lonely. I was so glad to see her blooming with the love and affection of her new "family". This character reminded me of my young self, with her dark style and the loud music and at times I wanted to jump into the book and hug her.

I recommend it to the readers who don't want to only read about a romantic couple but they want to read a great LOVE story.


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