His Unlikely Duchess by Amanda McCabe


Release Date: 01.01.2021


Money can buy her marriage

But will it lead to love?

Miss Lily Wilkins hopes her American money will compensate for her lack of etiquette, as she needs a prestigious marriage to save her sisters’ prospects. Raised to believe wealth was her greatest attribute, she’s stunned when her unconventional ways catch the eye of the notorious Duke of Lennox. He’s far from the safe, sensible match she’d planned on—but Lily might just discover he’s the one she needs!


His Unlikely Duchess was such a good and enjoyable read.
It was the first time I've read something about the American Heiresses and Amanda McCabe depitced this world so well I couldn't and wouldn't put this book down. I'm so curious I'm going to do some other research on this subject.

Miss Lily Wilkins arrives to London from America with her sisters and her mother who wants to find the best suitors for them in order to gain some recognition into the english high society. Aidan Duke of Lennox is back in England to take up its role after his older brother passed away, unfortunately his family has lost almost everything and he needs money before his family castle will be sold. Lily and Aidan first encounter is something made out of a fairy tale, they feel an instant connection, unfortunately reality comes soon enough bringing them back into the stiffness, strict society. Will they find the right balance between money and love? Will they have their happy ending?

I like these characters, they are both interesting. I appreciated their affection for each other, their doubts feel so real. Lily is a smart, beautiful, shy and slightly insecure woman, Aidan is handsome, lively, dynamic, they are a perfect match. At time I've wished they could run away far from the society that undervalues their relationship as a mere trade of money and titles.

I recommend to read this story to anyone looking for a nice historical romance.


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